Ban if me if you will but TeamVash is the biggest clown in the entire save the world community.

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Ban if me if you will but TeamVash is the biggest clown in the entire save the world community.

Let me start off by saying I have known this person for about a year now and used to watch every single one of his videos and tune by in his stream regularly. When I refer to TeamVash, I refer to 'Vash' Himself, his wife meags which is why it's called 'team' has nothing to do with the post and has my respect.

So where do we start? Apart from the multiple bad things about this person ( cringe, a man child, obnoxious etc ) here's what really is wrong with him.

So when I first watched him I taught he's a really smart detailed save the world streamer, I respected him for the grind to make a living just from full time streaming and supported him trough the journey for months. Little did I know that most of the things he says is straight up lies and bullshit. He's delusional and big headed and thinks everything he says is right when it's not. Apart from all the fake things he says in real life like that it's ok that he sleeps for literally only 4 hours a day, barely go outside sometimes not even once in a matter of an entire week, ok to stream when sick and ill at regular hours he streams and just straight up sitting all day starring at bright animated imaginary and animation with multiple blue light with little to no breaks just constant playing and looking at computer screens for '18 hOuRs a dAy 7 dAyS a wEeK' .

The problem with his constant 24/7 stream is that its never good to stream for that long, first of all, I don't give a shit what he says, mental health comes first, if you're sick and in a very poor condition to work, you should rest not go on, straight up a bad influence on his 'family friendly' audience, since he doesn't like to swear and such because of.

Speaking of his audience, he shows absolutely 0 fucking respect for his viewers, when I used to be in his streams, he used to perma ban people for the little things that triggered him, I have heard of people getting banned for all type of reasons, mentioning that they like to jailbuild in pubs and he perma banned the person because he said he doesn't want that type of viewers in his stream from my friends that instead of deleting the message or timing the person out he goes straight to a perma ban example straight up perma banning a friend for asking why a specific person was banned, people for saying he looks like Jesus because of his long hair instead of just taking a joke etc, list goes on you'd be shocked and surprised the things he banned people for on Twitch.


I want to thank u/czekskii-ttv for being brave enough to also make this video exposing this person on how much of a straight up lier this person is, does no research into things and thinks he's right on whatever he says and that he knows fucking everything calling things 'that's trash this is garbage' etc like a clown, including making a 45 fucking minute video titled 'Letter to epic, top 10 reasons why STW is garbage, angry review'. Like how much of a complete man child do you have to be to be a whole ass grown man and make videos like this? Calling the game in his own video as well 'garbage' yet constantly brags how he plays it 18 hours a fuckin day. Like sure, the game has flaws but at least be mature about it when you're pretty much the only thing that shows up when people search on how to do a quest and such, specially when you're audience is fairly young.

The man even has a big ego and a bad attitude in things/games he's complete garbage at, example he plays BR on stream for 1 hour exactly everyday, not a minute less or more, acts as the leader in it, blames teammates when he dies when it's always his fault, immature/baby, around 9 months ago or so he said himself he was a decent battle royal player, not a pro or anything he said but pretty decent, and I assure you, if that's what you classify as decent than I hate to see what being trash looks like.

He's is straight up toxic, a few other things I want to mention from the multiple things wrong with him, insulted RoundedTiktac before he even met him and refereed him to whatever the fuck the 'Fortnite Mafia' is supposed to mean, very stubborn and never admits to being wrong about anything even after showing the mathmatical proof that he is indeed wrong and still he will say fucking otherwise continuing to spread FALSE information about the game to his audience without them knowing because they don't know any better just like he spread false information torwards me and made his own personal opinions into facts, which are complete bullshit. Calls his viewer names and talks down on them, disrespects multiple other save the world creators, from what I heard only NOT PROVEN or 100 percent sure if this is true but told the devs to get aids and only cares about how much money he can get from his viewers.

This post by another stw reddit user also shows multiple other unique examples on why he's the most toxic person in the entire stw community . ( See the comments thread on the post )

In conclusion, nobody cares you stream #18 hOaRs a dAy 7 dAyS a wEeK' and your 81 weekend marathons.

Grow up, go out, take a shower and buy yourself some new clothes.

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