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Banned for ‘suspicious activity’

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Banned for 'suspicious activity'

March 26th, 2020.

I wake up, and boot up my PC to play fortnite as everyone does. As I'm logging in, I get an error in which my account is 'locked'. This moment would lead me to an uphill battle against epic games support.

I check my emails, and I see 3 different unrequested refunds that had no reason to be flagged. I contact both paypal and my bank and both of them said that they didn't have anything to do with it and never charged back under suspicious uses. So epic games refunded me and permanently banned me for no reason whatsoever. Great.

So I did what every normal person did and sent in a support request. No answer. It took a whole week before I sent another one and finally, I got a reply. Her name was diana and she needed proof that I was the owner of the account, and as I did, I gave her all the proof. Emails, passwords, ip addresses, even invoice id's and bank info. All that wasnt enough as the next day, support sent me an email that my account would be locked permanently. I was devastated.


So I'm turning to the subreddit for help. I've been playing save the world for almost 2 years and am power level 131 and absolutely love both battle royale and save the world. I easily have 1000s of hours in this game and over 500+ dollars invested into it, and the fact that they just backstab me and turn their back on me when I asked for help is absolutely disgusting. I doubt this will get enough attention for help, but it's worth a shot as I am left with no other options. It's just sad that I literally did nothing and get banned for no reason whatsoever. For christ's sakes I literally still have the money in my bank accounts, take my money and just give me back my account!

In summary this whole situation is just a mess. I dont understand why they are sending unrequested refunds, especially since me nor my bank has done anything wrong. I dont know whether anybody has run into this problem but this is just sad. Please fix your systems epic 🙁

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    Jun 03, 2020 5:05 pm

    This happened to me as well, thousands invested in skins and power level 129 in stw, hopefully, they will do a mass unban like they did in season 6, I’ve emailed them like 10 times and same response every time, absolutely devastated. Mine got banned on April 30th so it seems like this is happening in a massive influx.

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