Basic funneling guide

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Basic funneling guide

Mods asked me to make a very basic version of my guides as a potential sidebar guide that also links to my other guides:



  • And them you either shoot the remaining husks that dont die from the trap or protect another side of the objective that doesnt have any traps.
  • Please dont fight while inside the trap tunnels as you can blow them up at any moment when sploders show up and throw their propane tanks on you.
  • Istead of protecting the traps, protect the objective, there is no reason to shoot husks while they are under traps as they can die anyway even if you dont shoot.
  • Also, abilities like grenades, shockwave, decoy (makes sploder throw the propane), plasma pulse all trigger propane tanks, so dont use them inside the tunnels as well.

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