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I just came from a PL70 RtS mission at the end of Canny Valley where the other person had built level 2 wooden walls around the shelter. I had spent the time running around finding the modules and stupidly thought I'd come back to something a little more substantial than a sub Stonewood SSD1 build. Sadly, it's not my first experience of this – I even had a PL131 player question the point of building out of anything other than wood in a PL82 mission earlier today… and the problems seem worse at higher levels.

There are some basic fundamentals that a lot of people seem to not know, here's a few to get you going:

Unless you are in Stonewood, don't build out of wood for anything other than getting around the place. Wood, even upgraded to level 3, will not hinder a husk for more than a couple of seconds.

Do not build flat walls near the objective, smashers will charge them and knock them down. If there are stairs, the smashers will not charge through them, they'll charge up them, doing no damage. Then they'll start pummelling with their fists, but that does significantly less damage to your builds then their charge.

Husk pathing will only allow them to go a little way off the shortest route before they start bashing down walls. You need to make sure there's an "easy" route for them to follow, then you can trap that up and kill them in the tunnel. Do not just put up a load of walls and expect the husks to walk miles to go round them, they will simply smash their way through.


Spamming traps is not cool. If someone is already building a trap tunnel, leave them to it, let them finish it. Do not start interfering and throwing random traps around. Definitly do not put more traps before the start of their tunnel, that's just rude.

Do not stand in trap tunnels / on builds, you will attract lobbers, propanes and other husks to damage your location instead of pathing through correctly.

This one is the big one for me: Don't box people in to trade posts unless you've got their consent. It's harrassment, especially if they show no interest and try to get out.

If you are playing a constructor, put down your BASE.

Final note: This is meant to be a co-operative game, not a contest. Help each other, don't try to outdo each other, then everyone benefits. The flip side is to do your part, don't just do the bare minimum and hang back. If you want to farm, go into a private mission and do it there.

If you have any other useful tips, feel free to comment them below.

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