Before you all go nuts, remember what Canny is like right now.

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So the story for Canny is coming soon. Sweet! But let's not forget how frustrating it is to play in CV. As of now, I can hardly join any level mission in Canny without there being at least one level 20 player there. And that's when I'm lucky to only get with ONE lower level. Most games I get put with two lvl 20's and one lvl 12.

I'm mad disappointed at the lack of acknowledgement about low levels in Canny and Twine from the State of Development post.

Are we supposed to report these people and have that be the solution? What do we report them for? I normally report them for Exploiting (exploiting the system and getting to an area that they haven't unlocked yet?), but will that solve anything? And what if they didn't exploit the system and are just insanely low level with these areas unlocked? Either way, they still can't contribute if they are too low level for the mission, so are we just supposed to put up with it?

I don't want to bring anyone down TOO much, but don't let all the hype make you forget about this one major issue that they did NOT address 🙁


EDIT: I'm very glad to find out that they are at least acknowledging the issue and are in the process of finding a solution! Low levels being in higher level missions is still going to be a thing for a while, and that sucks. But it's good news that they are working on it! This post can be disregarded now. I might just delete everything here.

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