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FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Beginners Guide: Constructors

So you've decided to be a constructor? Congratulations! You've just entered into the proud and noble lineage of constructors that came before you, and like them, will become an essential and important asset to your team. In this handy guide I will go in depth and teach you everything you want to know (and some things you don't wanna know) about being a constructor. So let's dive in.

Part 1: What is a constructor?

A constructor is one of four playable classes in Fortnite Save The World, with unique abilities specific only to them. The iconic builder class, constructors are the foundation of any team with the objective of defending a vulnerable area. As well as with unique combat focused abilities, constructors utilize their unique class perks B.A.S.E and Kinetic Overload. Prior to the hero rework constructors used to build structures for less materials than other classes, and build faster. But those effects have largely been removed. Don't let that take the spice out of your gumbo however, constructors are still master builders.

Part 2: What is B.A.S.E?

B.A.S.E is a re-usable item found in a constructors trap wheel. When selected from available traps a constructor can place their B.A.S.E on any unused player built floor. When placed down B.A.S.E will connect 4 segments away to every building piece connected to it, and reinforce those building pieces. Once connected B.A.S.E will increase the armor of building pieces by 60. Keep in mind that if damaged by husks B.A.S.E will disappear and will need to be placed down again.

The importance of B.A.S.E can not be overstated. Even without other hero perks boosting it the extra armor that B.A.S.E provides alone is invaluable. As a constructor in training it is your job to ensure your B.A.S.E is placed in an effective position and maintain it. The success of many missions have hinged on whether or not the constructor remembered to use their B.A.S.E.

Part 3: What is Kinetic Overload?

Melee knockbacks and staggers trigger Kinetic Overload, dealing 25 base Energy Damage to nearby enemies. And after melee critical hits increases Melee Impact Damage by 10% for 5 seconds, up to 5 stacks.

In plain english that means constructors benefit more from using melee weapons than ranged weapons. Specifically the hardware classification of melee weapons, but also axes and clubs. These weapons have higher impact than other kinds of melee weapons such as swords, and are more likely to trigger Kinetic Overload.

Part 4: How do I become a better constructor?

Like the other hero classes, becoming a better constructor is dependent on your choice of heroes, team perks, and how you use them. Some heroes tend to be better than others but it's up to you to decide what team setups work best for you given the collection of constructor heroes you have available.


When it comes to the recommended or "meta" choices of heroes, do your best to seek out heroes with perks that improve upon B.A.S.E. Every perk that boosts B.A.S.E synchronize well with each other. And multiple constructors on a team with multiple B.A.S.E.S can have their effects stack.

jzpi7c40jau31 - Beginners Guide: Constructors

A hero loadout with Mega B.A.S.E Kyle as commander. Supercharged Traps as Team Perk. With a support team of B.A.S.E Kyle, Power B.A.S.E Knox, Warden Kyle, The Ice King, and Thunder Thora. Every hero perk in this loadout including the team perk increases the effectiveness of B.A.S.E

Part 5: But what about their other abilities?

As well as the class specific universal perks like B.A.S.E and Kinetic Overload, constructors also have combat abilities specific to certain heroes. Those abilities are Bull Rush, Mounted Turret, Plasma Pulse, Decoy, and Going Constructor.

Each of these are unlocked gradually when leveling up your hero. And they become stronger and more effective the higher the level your hero is. Aside from dealing damage Bull Rush and Mounted Turret have hidden uses not listed in their descriptions. Bull Rush, a charging attack with a shield, can be used to stop an oncoming smasher from charging towards your walls. And mounted turret can be used to clear out an area of debris and obstacles easily where you need to build. Perhaps you will find even more hidden uses for these abilities commander.

As far as stats and numbers go constructors boast the highest base health among the other classes, effectively making constructors walking tanks with very high rates of survival.

Part 6: Team Perks?

There are three team perks relevant to constructors currently. And those are Recycling, Boom Base, and Supercharged Traps. Though only Recycling is available from the start. Each have their pros and cons as well as prerequisites to use them at max effectiveness. Decide for yourself which of these team perks are right for you or one of the other available team perks non-specific to the constructor class.

Part 7: Husks man, am I right?

That about wraps up this guide. I hope you have found it helpful. In closing constructor is a wonderful class to use and provide a deep level of gameplay not found with the other classes. While they can seem intimidating at first, constructors at times are the simplest class to use. When set up properly B.A.S.E will do half of the work for you at no cost. And any team will be grateful to have you along when things get tough. So get out there commander and show that storm what you got.

"Walls! Walls for everyone!" – Kyle

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