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FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Beginners guide using loading screen tips

I’ll start this off by saying that this may not be all of the loading screen tips, but it’s a lot of them. These were compiled by me over the last three days to make sure they were fully up to date instead of on a website where they may not be.

Anything left in parentheses is comments by me trying to expand on them. This is mainly meant to help get newer people used to the different parts of the game that may be more confusing. If you have questions about then then ask away.

  • Doors are automatically created if you make space for them in edit mode.

  • Holding reload will automatically craft the correct ammo type if you have the materials.

  • Try making a low wall. You can jump over it and it’ll slow down husks. (Don’t just spam them randomly. Actually place them in a fashion that benefits your team.)

  • Fortify that fort! Upgraded structures are stronger and last longer.

  • The resistance stat increases the amount your heroes shield can absorb before taking real damage! (This boost how much shield you have, NOT damage resistance.)

  • Fighting against a lobber? Try shooting the skulls out of the air. (It’s better to just kill the lobber. They will throw them as fast as you can shoot them down.)

  • Weapons don’t last forever. Keep a spare at all times! (Or just know when they are going to break and make a new one.)

  • Protect your Epic Account by enabling two-factor authentication at this! A lot of people are getting their account stolen.)

  • The Tech stat allows your hero abilities, gadgets and traps to do more damage!

  • Utilize your Daily Bonus XP by playing missions every day!

  • You can rotate building pieces before placing them!

  • You can leave notes in the map for others to see! (Default PC key is N)

  • The Offense stat allows your hero to do more weapon damage!

  • Epic will never ask for your password (But they will ask for mommy’s credit card if you want Vbucks so pay up.)

  • Need Duct Tape or Blast Powder? Try crafting some! (Same with weapon’s, traps, and ammo.)

  • Keep an eye out for the Radar building mission, it will teach you how to build more complex building pieces! (Most of those “complex” pieces are useless unless you want to make your homebase look nice.)

  • Gain more XP by playing with others. (This is referring to Commander XP and the play with other tab.)

  • Experiment with wall and floor edits… there are lots of valid shapes.

  • You can edit a building piece before placing it! (Unless it has a trap on it.)

  • The Pitcher has a slow wind up. Move out of the way when he starts his throw and you won’t get hit. (Or just shoot him)

  • Wired internet connections provide a faster and more stable connection than wireless.

  • Be on the lookout for hidden loot and secrets! (If you find a tier 5 or 6 chest, as well as the white and gold safe, then ask your team if they want the cache from it before you open it. If they are within ~5 tiles of the chest they will get the cache as well.)

  • Use XP Boosts to gain Account (Commander) XP at a faster rate!

  • Recycling items can give you resources. (To add to this, recycle your guns right before they break and you will get a few mats back.)

  • You can find rare metal deposits in caves.

  • V-Bucks can only be purchased from the in-game store (And while they are 100% not needed to progress, they make it faster.)

  • You can repair and rebuild at any time. Stock up on resources before defending your base.

  • XP Boosts have a chance of appearing in Upgrade Llamas!

  • The Constructor B.A.S.E ability will make friendly building pieces around it stronger! (Some based have added bonuses so make sure to read a heroes perks before using them.)

  • Traps are great for base defense, especially when playing alone. (Learn to make a few simple trap tunnels and utilize the terrain. It will make SSDs and missions much easier.)

  • Let survivors work for you. Boost your stats by slotting survivors. (There are some good survivor squad tutorials that you can find. Remember that rarity>personality match>set bonus.)

  • Evolving your heroes can unlock new abilities.

  • Editing roof pieces allows you to raise or lower reach quarter of the piece.

  • While building, you can switch between Wood, Stone, and Metal!

  • Make sure you search BEFORE you destroy!

  • Harvesting tools are much better for farming resources than traditional weapons.

  • Destroy Rocks and Trees to get everything you need for simple traps. (Tree give twine and planks, Rocks give mineral powder and rough ore.)

  • The Outlander has many abilities and perks that help you farm resources faster. (Striker AC is a great hero for farming because of his boosted anti material charge.)

  • Jump pads are high flying fun – experiment! (The vertical ones are good in missions so you don’t have to build in a way that might let husks into the objective.)

  • Be sure to build a roof to protect against bombardment by air. (This is referring to lobbers, which you begin to find in early stonewood, and flingers, which you begin to find in early plankerton.)

  • Traps only hurt enemies, not allies! (Traps are your best friend. Use them effectively and you will find the game to be more relaxed and enjoyable.)

  • Use the chat window to talk to your party! (There are also some quick chat options. Look in your controls to see what opens that window and familiarize yourself with them.)

  • Destroying mechanical objects will give you useful crafting materials. (This is referring to nuts and bolts, as well as mechanical parts.)

  • Husky husks do a lot of damage to your fort. Try to kill them before they reach it!

  • Shotguns are great for close range combat. (If you really like them, then look at the raider subclass. It’s a shotgun specialist and incredibly fun to play.)

  • Open your inventory to craft ammo, traps, and weapons.

I hope that this list and comments helped you get a better grasp of parts of this game. Enjoy the game and ask questions if you have them.

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