Being new to this game makes me feel a bit insecure…

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Being new to this game makes me feel a bit insecure...

To start off, I'm in plankterton as of now trying to get into Canny Valley, but I also do side quests or event quests bc I think they're really fun. I bought the basic founder's pack when it was on sale for $20 and just now I'm starting to get back into the game since I only played it the first few weeks I had it. I stopped playing due to being busy with school and all that jazz.

About a month ago, I tried completing a storm shield in Stonewood and I requested help since I thought I could use it, which I did, minutes in this player who was probably in Twine Peaks or Canny Valley loads in my lobby and we just hang there until the mission starts.

For this storm shield, I was using a Constructor for the first time, I forgot who it was but I know it was a girl and I know she had the Bull Rush ability and B.A.S.E. Ability, idk what the other one was though. Before I started the match I tried activating her B.A.S.E. ability but I couldn't figure it out so I eventually just gave up and started the mission.

The player who loaded into my lobby typed in something in the chat that I didn't notice until a little later, he said "I can't believe you have that hero and you're in Stonewood." I said that I'm actually in plank and he replied with "Same Difference."

I didn't know if he was trying to be rude or anything so I asked him if there was anything wrong with that and he just told me that her best perk is her B.A.S.E. ability and that with all the shooting I was doing I was better off with using a Soldier. The way he said it did come off as rude the first time but now I see that he was just saying I wasn't using the hero correctly. I was using bull rush and the other ability as well but I guess I didn't use them enough.


I was getting a little anxious because in most of the missions I play no one ever says anything to me other than asking to trade or asking for materials and I started thinking that I was dumb as hell so I just said that I didn't know how to use that ability. Since the match was already over at the time he said "Search it up" and then just left.

I kinda felt like I could of said something else at that time but I just said "Idk how to do that" and I felt really embarrassed that I got off and I haven't played since that happened. When I searched up the hero, I realized that for that hero you needed her to be a 3 star rank and being in plankterton I was only a 2 star hero and I haven't even unlocked her ability yet. It made me feel really stupid for a while, even talking about it makes me feel stupid.

I just couldn't believe that I didn't get that and idk I guess it makes me feel kind of insecure. I really like this game, despite the fact that idk what I'm doing I find it really fun to play, but sometimes I feel like when I don't know what I'm doing, it makes me lose a lot of confidence in myself. Even now, I'm still stumped about this, I know the guy wasn't trying to be rude but what he was saying really affected me negatively.

I just thought I should share this.

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