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I was cleaning up my home base and I just thought to my self… man it would be sick if I could plant some stuff to farm herbs and flowers. I think you should only be able to plant in side your homebases only. and the plants will kinda be like expeditions… like the plants take 24hours to grow then you can search them.

Idk guys let me know what you think

EDIT: Thanks to your guys feedback I came up with more things…

  • Defenders can harvest plants while you are gone.

  • some plants cannot be planted depending on what homebase you are in. ex:(Plankerton and Stonewood can plant sunflowers but not canney or twine)

This one is going to be a game changer if it gets implemented…

  • all your Survivors in your survivor squads go into your homebases and harvest plants. You can actually see the survivors full body walking around, this would be very cool.

  • during storm shield defense all the survivors run inside the storm shield as if it’s a bunker.

?I think this would also help a lot of new players because it will teach them which plants give you Certain ingredients.

EDIT #2 : After more brainstorming I have came up with more ideas

  • Animals, you can capture bees from bee husks useing a net like how sponge bob catches jelly fish, the net will be like a sword and have a durability. once capturing bees you can build bee farm on home base and get honey from it.

  • once homebase reaches 10/10 is when your survivors inhabit the area, and you can start planting.

Thank you all so much for the ideas and upvotes it means a lot!! I hope they implement these ideas.

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