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I am currently running a Cyberclops Teddy build.

Commander :

Cyberclops PL 144.

Support :

Enforcer Grizzly – For longer duration on Teddy.

Fragment Flurry Jess – For lower downtime between Teddy.

Gunshoe – Boosts Teddy and Shocktower damage.

Azalea Clark – Boost the damage of all my skills including Sesmic Smash, which I love. I considered using Trailblazer Quinn for more Teddy damage, but felt that its better to sacrifice 14.5% damage if it means my Sesmic Smash is stronger. Might change my mind possibly later on.

Intergalactic Ken – Still experimenting with him. He gives shield for energy kill. As Cyberclops all my abilities are energy, my turrets are energy, and all my weapons are energy. So on paper he seems good. Might consider another support hero.

Main weapon of choice : Pulsar 9000 – PL144.

Now, this build wrecks most of high twine. Cyberclops is amazing. The chain damage practically gives all my skills, abilities and weapons a 23% damage boost in addition to them being energy, so it mitigates some of the damage penalty from fighting elemental enemies.

However, when playing 4x 160PL missions, especially against smashers, I need a weapon with some oomph. The kicker is that I am limited in my support slots. I can remove Intergalactic Ken and replace it with a weapon damage hero, but that's about it. I don't want to reduce my ability damage because then it will be useless in high twine. For anyone interested, the Teddy and Sesmic Smash still do pretty good damage in PL 160 4x missions. Shock tower is more to knock and stun enemies.


Currently I am using a Founders Quickshot as I saw Beast's video about how good it was, but I am left a little underwhelmed. I know I am comparing a PL 130 Quickshot to PL 144 Pulsar 9000, but the Pulsar just does so much better damage even against smashers. I just don't like using it against single target bullet sponges like Smashers because it really drains that energy ammo fast.

So my current plan is to find a shotgun that is good against smashers, and maybe replace Intergalactic Ken with a shotgun hero to get 17% more shotgun damage, which will also help my Pulsar 9000. It will probably make me more squishy, but I think at PL 160 4x missions, I'm squishy no matter what I do. Still, Pulsar 9000 does kill a lot of enemies in one go, so the energy shield isn't bad. I might leave him if I feel like I am dying too fast, but I am willing to experiment with that support slot.

I know I am writing a lot, which probably isnt needed, but I wanted to explain my build, so you guys can suggest something that works with this build.

Here is the question : What weapon would you suggest I use for smasher killing. A few weapons I am considering are Founders Quickshot, Popshot, Xenon Bow (Not sure if it can kill fast enough to be useful, but the pierce and range is nice), Founders Deconstructor (Still trying to find more info about this before I dump my Perkups on this weapon), Stampede, or pretty much any other weapon. The benefit of using a shotgun is that it gives me an opportunity to swap Intergalactic Ken for a shotgun hero if both my weapons are shotguns.

I have all founder weapons and 2x weapon vouchers and 2300 Legendary Flux. So no weapon is off limit for me. What would you guys suggest I should use in this case?

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