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In its current state, the 5 extremely tedious challenges (Talented Builder, Guardian Angel, World Explorer, Unspeakable Horrors, and Plays Well with Others) aren’t worth it at all, unless you really want to get all the achievements, or have decided to collect banners for some ungodly reason. These challenges should give better cosmetics, considering the grind required to complete them. My ideas are:


Talented Builder:

  • Power B.A.S.E. Knox (Legendary Outfit)
  • The Blueprints (Legendary Back Bling. When you switch to build mode, the Blueprints and Pencil will be taken off of your back).

Guardian Angel:

  • Ned (Epic Outfit)
  • Medkit (Epic Back Bling)

World Explorer:

  • SEE-BOT (Epic Outfit)
  • Module (Epic Back Bling)

Unspeakable Horrors:

  • Husk (Epic Outfit. Styles for a Husk, a Husky Husk, a Pitcher, a Sploder, a Lobber, a Beehive Husk, a Zapper, a Riot Husky, a Nurse, a Mimic, and 3 elemental styles for each).
  • Taker (Epic Pet. Will fly around you, similarly to Rocket).

Plays Well with Others

  • Archaelo-Jess (Epic Outfit)
  • Mat Bag (Epic Back Bling. Will be more full depending on how many materials you have)

Completed All:

  • Master Grenadier Ramirez (Mythic Outfit)
  • Mega B.A.S.E Kyle (Mythic Outfit)
  • Swordmaster Ken (Mythic Outfit)
  • Phase Scout Jess (Mythic Outfit)
  • Ray (Mythic Pet)
  • Pop (Mythic Pet)
  • Lok (Mythic Pet)
  • Kevin (Mythic Pet)
  • Anti-Material Charge Gauntlet (Mythic Harvesting Tool)
  • Ruler Sword (Mythic Harvesting Tool. Styles for the Ruler Sword, Shadow Blade, and Slice N’ Dice)
  • Storm King’s Fury (Mythic Harvesting Tool)
  • Storm King’s Ravager (Mythic Harvesting Tool)
  • Levitating Llama (Mythic Glider. A Llama will appear, and you will ride on it. Unlike the Dragacorn, this llama wouldn’t move at all, aside from its eyes. Styles for a regular Llama, a Silver Llama, a Gold Llama, a Mini Llama, a Silver Mini Llama, and every event Llama).
  • Skull Surfer (Mythic Glider. A larger version of the Skulls Thrown by Lobbers will appear, and you will stand on it).
  • Storm King’s Whirlwind (Mythic Glider. A whirlwind similar to the bottom of the Storm King will appear around your legs, and purple lightning will strike around you).
  • Taker (Mythic Glider. A Taker you hold onto by its hands. If you have the Taker Pet equipped, it will interact similarly to the Ohm’s Perch Pet and the Ohm Glider).
  • Candy (Mythic Contrail. The Candy that falls from Llamas will fall from you).
  • Elements (Mythic Contrail. Styles for Fire, Water, Nature, and Energy)
  • Lobber Fire (Mythic Contrail. The fire trail seen on Lobber skulls).
  • Ores and Crystals (Mythic Contrail. Chunks of Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Malachite Ore, Shadowshard Crystal, Obsidian Ore, Sunbeam Crystal, and Brightcore Ore will fall from you).
  • Hit the Road (Mythic Emote. The vehicle from Hit the Road appears, which you jump into and start driving. This emote is traversal).
  • Mini Rocket (Mythic Emote. A mini rocket appears, which you drop BluGlo into. It then launches, but falls down after a few seconds).
  • Shielder (Mythic Emote. A shielder will appear to your right, and connect to you, like it does in the actual game. This will not give you shields).
  • wAnNa TrAdE? (Mythic Emote. A mini version of a trading box is built, which you then stomp on).
  • Elements (Mythic Wrap. Styles for Fire, Water, Nature, and Energy. Will remove any elemental visual effects from a weapon it’s used in.
  • Gravedigger (Mythic Wrap. Gives weapons the textures of the Gravedigger weapon).
  • Nocturno (Mythic Wrap. Gives weapons the textures of the Nocturno weapon. Teammates cannot see it on a Siegebreaker).
  • Storm King (Mythic Wrap. Gives weapons the same look of the Mythic Storm King Weapons).
  • OG (Homebase Remix) (Mythic Music Pack. The OG Homebase music).
  • Llama Loot (Mythic Music Pack. The music that plays when looking through loot from a Llama).
  • Main Menu (Mythic Music Pack. The old main menu music).
  • Mist Mayhem (Mythic Music Pack. The music that plays when a Mist Monster is attacking).
  • Soldiers (Mythic Loading Screen. Artwork of Hawk, Banshee, Wildcat, Spitfire, Ramirez, Headhunter, Jonesy, and Renegade fighting Husks with various Assault Rifles).
  • Constructors (Mythic Loading Screen. Artwork of Harper, Knox, Hype, Bull, Hazard, Penny, Izza, and Kyle building a base).
  • Ninjas (Mythic Loading Screen. Artwork of Luna, Crash, Edge, Scorpion, Scorch, Ken, Mari, and Sarah fighting Husks with various Melee Weapons).
  • Outlanders (Mythic Loading Screen. Artwork of Grizzly, Eagle Eye, Southie, Buzz, A.C., Quinn, Jess, and Deadeye farming materials).

This one might have too many, but it’s meant to be a final goodbye to StW, since this is likely the last major task you’ll do in it.

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