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After reading state of this subreddit (second attempt), my sole purpose of this post is to better myself as a player of Fortnite and try to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. I am guilty of whining and complaining about the ongoing plague that I would like to call "parasites" that infest STW. But I realize that complaining is only bad for my health and attitude, and I'm the sucker for being trolled by those people constantly, which only leads to an everlasting increase in frustration and stress. And as far as Epic Games is concerned, I truly do appreciate their staying on top of everything in light of all the updates that they've been blessing us with these past few months. But it's quite clear that they themselves don't have an immediate solution to this "parasite" problem at this point either.

I think it's crucial for the rest of the player base (aka legitimate players) to really reflect on our actions too, based on how we've been reacting to this problem. We should no longer focus our energy on simply bringing attention to the problem. Epic Games knows that global is filled with trade spammers. They already know that AFK is an issue. Bombarding this subreddit with posts titled "Epic, this needs to stop" or "Really? low-levels being carried into high level missions deserves insta-ban" isn't really helping anymore.

For the time being, we're on our own. Until Epic Games comes up with a solid plan to deal with these parasite players, we need a dignified way to deal with these issues ourselves somehow to alleviate our frustrations; because at this rate, we're all gonna have veins popping out of our temples and one of our very own is going to actually uninstall the game, after giving away his/her whole inventory to a parasite on global all because he doesn't want to deal with this shit anymore.


The following are just a few ways to "counter" parasites on STW, but by no means is this enough even for my standards. If anyone can suggest other ways that have been effective, please do tell.


Aggressive approach: once a player shows signs of indefinite AFK, warn the other players on the team and let them know that you won't be spending too many resources just in case. Offer the other players that you're willing to make another room without the AFKer. Politely/impolitely write a message with "ATTN: " and give him/her a final warning to help with the mission. Purposefully fail the mission.

Passive Approach: Do the above, but don't fail the mission. Simply quit.

Trade Spammers

Simply DO NOT respond to trade spammers. Even trolling them and making their lives a living hell by "pretending" to trade with them and wasting time is a waste of your time. Muting/blocking can get tiresome too. And it doesn't really solve the problem. I think the legitimate player base, if we really want to take an active approach, should get more involved on global chat to fill it with conversations and words that it is meant to be used for. Looking for squad mates, requesting help for missions, offering help and assistance towards new and upcoming players, warning new players not to fall for trade scams, etc. The only way to counter trade spammers is to overwhelm them with our presence. TAKE BACK GLOBAL CHAT!

TL;dr – Instead of complaining about the negativity on STW, try to resolve yourself to become a part of the solution. Slow and steady, with dignity. Be a part of filling STW with positive vibes, the way it's supposed to be.

Thank you for your time.

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