Beware of Bank Accounts getting Emptied from Fortnite

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Fair warning i played this game when it was just put into beta. I bought the bare minimum to be allowed to play using my banks debit card (big mistake). I didn't really like this game cause of all the boxes i felt was mandatory to get a feeling of progression so i quit shortly after.


Three weeks ago i'm setting in class and see an email saying my password been changed on epic games. And then my bank account gets charged Standard to Limited Upgrade Epic Games $ 109.99. Another another Ultimate Upgrade Pack Epic Games $ 99.99.
I've been battling with my bank to get my money back cause that left me with 5 bucks to get to school for a solid month, But they tell me because i agreed to terms and contiditions ages ago when i first played they wont refund me and i need to speak with epic games. For 3 weeks now i have emailed epic games for fraud , refunds, and other options trying to get in contact with anybody and nothing.. not one email.. i Did however get one email that replied with they dont accept emails. The bank also provided me with 2 separate phone numbers they provide the banks and they get routed to disconnected after you go through a phone prompt. Long story short. For the love of god remove any banking information on this game. They are quacks and i'm at the point that i truly believe it was the company themselves that took the money. Cause i find it hard to believe somebody guessed my old password of random letters and numbers on the fly. And i dont live with anybody else nor do i have any virus or shared accounts

Long story short. Remove your info or you will get hammered with charges and epic games wont do jack to correct the fraud

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