Beyond the Peaks – Phase 1: The Ghosts that Haunt Us Act 2

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Beyond the Peaks - Phase 1: The Ghosts that Haunt Us Act 2

Hello everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. As promised. here is Act 2 of the first part of the continuation of the FORTnite storyline. I made this one longer to sneak in that little cliff hanger and to help ease some of the pain that the BR Season 6 has caused us.

As usual, hope you enjoy it and stay tuned next Sunday for more!

Act 2 – The Last Stand

Ray: “Commander, we’ve completely lost track of Carlos. The only thing we know is that he was heading towards the portal the Storm King intends to enter through. We tried following him but our sensors indicate that the SK is sending out everything he has through the encampments and the portals. The husks already on this side of the portal are going into a frenzy and attacking anyone and everything in their path. We have to do the same and throw everything we have as well!”

Ray: “Everyone is currently coming up with plans of defense to ensure we get through this. The Major will be scrambling our ground forces to meet the husks on the field. Steel Wool is working on finding a way to destabilize the portals to prevent the SK from entering our world. You keep doing what you’ve been doing. This is the big-time commander. I hope to see you on the other side.”

Major: “Commander, this is it! I’ll personally lead our forces to meet the incoming waves of Husks. We need to knock out any and all encampments and portals with extreme prejudice. I got squads bringing our heavy ordnance to bear on the packs of husks roaming the land. We could use your help.”

Missions involve clearing encampments, bomb escorts, that mission where you have to kill husks en masse on the map.

Major: “I’ve always wanted to get back into the action…. But not like this. I thought it was bad before, but seeing the legions of husks like that, really makes a man feel his age.”

Val: “Don’t worry major, you have your recruits covering your back. You’re not alone.”

Major: “Thanks, Val. I can’t think of anyone else besides you and the commander that I’d rather have fighting at my side at this moment.”

Dennis: “Hey! What about me?”

Major: “Maybe. A very far second perhaps.”

Dennis: “That’s rude! But fair.”

Next round of dialogue kicks in.

Ray: “Commander, there are a lot of survivors we haven’t been able to get to yet. We need to get them out of the way before the husks get to them. It’s also crucial that we defend the shelters we have in place and ensure that they have sufficient defenses to feasibly last the coming war. I need you to go along with our constructors and put up fortifications that any survivors can take refuge in and reinforce our existing shelters.”

Kyle: “I’ve trained my whole life for this moment. Come on Commander, we have to put our skills to the test!”

Penny: “A bit excited there Kyle. How come?”

Kyle: “I’m always excited to show off my building skills. Could it be under better circumstances? Sure. But with the literal end of the world at our doorstep, this could be the last time I get to show off. So I’ll show off as much as it takes.”

Penny: “I guess you’re right. I’m with you big guy. Let’s build the best forts ever!”

Kyle: “That’s the spirit!”

Missions: Defend the shelter, repair the shelter. New mission type: Build Forts – similar to build radars, build forts that any survivors can take refuge in should they come across it. Husks will attack these buildings with extreme prejudice while in the process of being built.

Kyle: “That should about do it for now. Thanks for the help commander. We can take it from here. They need you elsewhere. Give ‘em hell commander.”

Penny: “We’ll be here. If you need us, give us a call!”

Next round of dialogue, start.

Phase Scout Jess: “Commander, it’s our turn next! We’ve been stacked with gathering resources and fuel for all our shelters, bases, forts, and of course for home base.

Jilly: “Indeed, it’s time to go out and do some digging!”

Missions: Resupply, Refuel.

PSJ: “And there we go. That should last us for a while. Thanks for your help commander!”

Jilly: “That was so much fun. Well, as much fun could be had given the circumstances.”

PSJ: “That’s okay, with times being what they are, we take what we can when we can.”


Jilly: “This whole being alive thing, is still taking some getting used to. Thanks, Jess”

Next round of dialogue, start.

Ray: “Commander! We’ve got a problem. The survivors that have been coming in are giving us disturbing reports. Some good and some, not so good. For one, there’s apparently another group out there taking in survivors. With all that’s going on, we can use all the help we can get. I’ll need you to get in touch with them soon. But first, we have to investigate reports of survivors being hunted. I’ve asked the local ninja charter to take a look into this for us. But there’s mo-”

The Cloaked Star (mysterious): “We’re on it, Ray. We’ll find who… or what is hunting these people.” *smoke bomb noises*

Ray (deep sigh): “He didn’t even stick around to hear the rest of the report. Well, I’ll need you to go and let them know that some survivors claim that whatever it is, they look like us. Not ‘us’ us, but it looks…. Human. It’s imperative we find out what’s going on.”

Missions: Save the Survivors, Build the Radar Grid

TCS: “Commander, our ninjas have found out what’s been hunting survivors. They’re unlike anything we’ve seen so far. They look like people, and they can use our skills, but they’re clearly husks.”

Ray: “What do you mean they can use your skills?”

TCS: “Exactly that. One of our ninjas fought it, and it was able to throw stars and kunai at us. He barely got away with his life. We need to find it and take it down. But we have to be careful. If there’s one thing that we know about husks, it’s that where there’s one, there’s a horde.”

Ray: “I don’t know how to feel about husks that fight like us. Oh wait, I do. And that is terrified!”

TCS: “For once, I agree. I too find the thought to be rather…frightening. Which is all the more reason we focus our efforts on this. Thankfully, we’ve managed to narrow down where it went off to after our ninja disengaged. We would appreciate your help commander.”

Special Mission available: Hunt the Husk. Located in tropical/island biome connected to the main landmass. Objective: Track down the Husk while killing all husks in your way. No encampments will be on the map. A mini-boss will be wandering the map.

Ray: “Woah, Commander there are so many husks here. Be careful. Whatever this thing is, it is highly dangerous. Take it down, and take it down hard.”

TCS: “Let’s go Commander. Nobody hurts a member of our charter and lives to tell the tale. And we don’t intend to start now.”

Husks are fought, the mini-boss is killed

Ray: “Woo! It’s done for! That was easy, I thought you said it was something we haven’t seen before.”

TCS: “I did.”

Ray: “You mean…this wasn’t it? It’s still out there?

TCS: “It appears so. It should still be here somewhere, however. We have to search around. We can’t let it get away.”

Searching ensues. Eventually leading you to a place in the map. You find yourself at a smoldering crater, two swords in the center (purple versions of storm slicers). One stuck deep into the earth, the other lying on the ground, shattered into pieces. Flames dance around the hole in the ground. You notice there’s a hand still gripping the shattered sword. Underneath it, you see a folded paper.

Ray (nervous): “Something… huge happened here.”

TCS: *angsty groaning* “Yes. The husk ran into something, and by the looks of it, that something popped it like a pimple.”

Ray: “But, what could possibly have done this? Even our best weaponry isn’t capable of causing such localized destruction.”

TCS: “Whatever it was, I sure hope it’s on our side since it’s capable of doing this.”

Ray: “Hey look, there’s something underneath that sword there.”

TCS: “Hmm, it’s a piece of paper? Looks like some sort of message.”

Ray: “What does it say?”

TCS: “Sorcerer of the Seashore.”

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