Beyond the Peaks – Phase 1: The Ghosts that Haunt Us Part 1

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Beyond the Peaks - Phase 1: The Ghosts that Haunt Us Part 1

I saw quite a few days ago that Epic was shown to be looking for a Writer for Save the World. Needless to say, it got my creative juices flowing. Although I'm not a professional writer, I wanted to share the story that's been cooking in my mind since I read that. I hope you all enjoy it.

I can't say yet how long this will be as I only have a rough outline, so I do advise that it may or may not get long. If this gets a positive reception I'll continue posting in weekly intervals. As usual, criticisms are welcome and if there are any timeline errors I may have made, please feel free to let me know.

Ray (somber voice): Good morning Commander….. Did you sleep well?

Ray (somber voice): I hope so. Todays the…. anniversary…. of Desirae’s sacrifice. It’s been x years since that day. So much has happened…and so much hasn’t.

Ray (slightly more upbeat, but not much): We’ve knocked the Storm King down a peg and we keep knocking him down a peg once a week. He won’t stay down, but we take our wins where we can find them. We’ve been holding down the fort in Twine Peaks since what happened in Canny Valley.

Ray (Voice firm): Our people are feeling worn out with the constant defending and trying to just not get overrun by the storm. Sure the weekly fight with the Storm King helps, but it keeps weighing down everyone’s minds, so I was thinking we can hold a memorial of sorts to celebrate who Desirae and all of the fallen heroes as a way to remind ourselves of everything we’ve achieved so far and to be thankful to them for the sacrifices.

Lars: I agree commander. We’ve been stuck in this limbo for too long. A nice change of pace sounds in order.

Dennis (excited): We’re having a party?! SWEET! Will there be Piñatas?

Ray (exasperated): It’s not that kind of party Dennis. It’s meant to be a memorial for the fallen. To celebrate everything they’ve done for us and to remind ourselves that we need to keep pushing.

Dennis (affronted): Exactly! We’re celebrating them! I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t like us moping instead of being happy that we’re still here. Sure we’ve been doing the same thing over and over for the past x years with no update on the situation whatsoever but we’re alive. We’re kicking. We’re surviving. And as long as we’re still doing that, there’s always hope for new things on the horizon.

Ray (surprised): Wow Dennis… that was very…. Inspirational.

Dennis (proud): When Piñatas are on the line, I’m as inspirational as I need to be.

Ray (disappointed): And now you ruined it.

Anthony (laughing): Classic Dennis. But yes, let’s do a party. Steel Wool will play.

Rest of Steel Wool: *agrees*

Ray (excited): WOOOO, Steel Wool plays again!

Proceed to do missions involving fetching Piñata Outlander fragments and other party essentials with meandering commentary from the cast. Lasts a few missions because, you know, fetch quests.

Ray: Alright everyone, we have all we need. Time to set up for a party!!


Dennis: Start the Party Setup Montage music!

Everyone sets up the party, some light ribbing and jokes ensue. After, everyone gets together and are about to start the party.

Ray (solemn): Hello everyone! Thank you for coming today. I know that it wasn’t easy all these years being stuck with no end or change in sight. It may feel like all our efforts are in vain, that constantly being on the back foot and being able to do nothing but defend against the hordes. But we must remain strong, if we stick together and believe in one another, we CAN beat the storm. My best friend De-

Carlos: Hold on Ray, I want to say something.

Ray (affronted): Um, sure Carlos… go ahead?

Carlos: Thank you, Ray, this'll be quick.

Carlos: You can’t win.

Ray (shocked and deadpan): What?

Carlos: You think anything you’ve been doing so far made any difference?

Lars: Carlos, what are you talking about? What’s gotten into you?

Carlos: I’m talking about the inevitability of it all. Nothing matters. Only the Nothing matters.

Ray: What do you me- oh! No, that can’t be, we solved that mind takeover thing several missions ago!

Carlos (in storm king’s voice): You did, but this is different. Carlos is MINE. One of them anyways.

Ray: HOW! We brought him back, we ran all the scans!

SK Carlos: I didn’t give him away just to trade pleasantries and to answer all your questions. I heard you were having a party to celebrate having survived against my forces for so long. I felt it’d be rude of me not to give you all a gift. After all, that’s what parties are for, aren’t they?

Home base alarms start blaring, multiple screens start flashing. The storms and encampments are acting up. The Mythic Storm King Portal is opening 4 days early.

Ray: How can any of this be possible? What’s happening?

SK Carlos: I’ve been biding my time little fool. I’ll be expecting you, everyone needs a warm-up before strenuous activity after all.

SK Carlos (to commander specifically): And as for you, I hope you won’t disappoint me with your struggles. Please do entertain me.

Carlos drops several grenades in the party and manages to getaway. The rest try to follow but with all the civilians around being in the way of harm, they’re too busy protecting them to do effective interference.

Ray (checking the monitors in a panic): These readings are strange, the portal has always been big, but it’s never been this big. This could only mean one thing…..

Lars: But how is he even able to do that! Whatever, we can’t be worrying about that now, we have to scramble everyone.

Dennis: Uh, guys, I get that the Storm King talking through Carlos is bad, but why is the getting bigger bad?

Anthony (defeated voice): It means the Storm King is coming.

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