Birthday Llama Break Down!

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Heya Fortnite Folks,


We’ve seen a lot of discussion regarding the birthday llama and dupe prevention, and we didn’t do a great job of explaining what you can expect. The Birthday Llama will cost 1,000 Road Trip tickets, and it will be filled with almost double the normal items with dupe prevention activated. That means a better chance to get the awesome things!


Let’s break down the specifics:


  • This llama contains a guaranteed event Weapon Schematic and Hero in every llama, with at least one of them being a Legendary… and sometimes both!

  • The llama will pull from events and items that you’ve missed to help fill out your collection.

  • We’ve compiled a list of event items that you can get from this llama which will be added here shortly.



Don’t forget that these llamas will have the new dupe prevention feature – which avoids granting Epic and Legendary Heroes or Schematics that you already have in your inventory or collection book.


Note: Dupe protection occurs AFTER rarity and type of weapon has been selected. (e.g. If you have the full set of Epic items you will start to get duplicates, even if you’re still missing Legendary ones). This feature is dynamic and updates on the fly, so opening multiple llamas at once functions the same as if you opened them one at a time.


Also, be sure to check the store often! You never know what free goodies might rotate in during this event 😉


We appreciate all of the feedback during this year of Fortnite. Stay awesome Community!

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