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Hey Fortnite Fam,


We’ve seen a large amount of feedback regarding the Birthday Llamas and wanted to inform you on some upcoming changes. We just released a hotfix to address a few issues with the Birthday Llama:


  • Dupe Protection not tracking evolved heroes / schematics: With the initial release of the Birthday Llamas the dupe protection feature wasn’t tracking items that had been evolved above 1 star. This hotfix will address that and properly prevent duplicates of any items you may have evolved.

  • Error messaging when attempting to open Birthday Llamas: Newer players may have run into an error message when attempting to open a Birthday Llama. This was caused by not having the collection book unlocked when opening the Birthday Llama.


We’re also making a change to how event survivors appear in these llamas. You may have noticed that the birthday llamas will sometimes roll an Event Survivor instead of a weapon. This will no longer be the case as we have changed the llama to grant a guaranteed Event Weapon and Event Hero in each, while still having the chance to roll an event survivor in one of the other reward slots.


We also wanted to give a better understanding on how dupe protection works:


You can still get a duplicate item if you already have all items in that category. An example of this would be: If you have every legendary assault rifle and the llama rolls a legendary assault rifle, you will get a duplicate of one you already have. The system will not pull from another rarity, or from another item category. However, if you are missing a legendary assault rifle in the same scenario, you will get the one that you are missing.


Note: Dupe protection only applies to Schematics and Heroes. It does NOT apply to Defenders, survivors, or lead survivors. It also only applies to Epic, Legendary, and Mythic items.


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There were also some miscommunications on the Birthday Llama containing “double the loot”. The Llamas do drop two event items – which is twice as many as a typical Event Llama – and it’s guaranteed that at least one of those will be legendary, which is a significant bump up in rarity per normal event llama. However, none of the non-event items dropped by the llama are doubled.


Also, we know a lot of you have spent your tickets during the time that these bugs were occurring. For this reason; We will continue to rotate free llamas into the store to keep those Road Trip tickets flowing. So check the store often! We will also be doing a make good that will come with the release of 5.2. More details coming soon.


We deeply apologize for the miscommunication and confusion on our end. Thanks for sticking with us, community. Stay awesome!

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