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The following write-up takes a look at the 'Blast From The Past' team perk, the two Dinosaur heroes (in a loadout) and provides some numbers/context. It isn't going to be an exhaustive write-up (of every single possible use-case), just enough so that you understand how it works and the ability to figure it out on your own. Due to not having access to the source code, some of the numbers will rely on UI values, or otherwise be derived based on how the game mechanics are advertised to work (i.e. it follows the known rules of the world based on what is assumed to be their non-bugged state). I haven't necessarily exhaustively tested these in game (and Epic has been known to throw in unexpected changes/bugs every so often).

As a bit of house-keeping

  • Read this to understand how "Saurian Claws" works.
  • Fortitude (Tooltip): Increase health and health regen rate by +1% per point
  • A player with maxed research has gets 600 Fortitude (from research points invested)
  • A level 310 Account Level (with no Survivors slotted) shows up as having 764 Fortitude (224: Party Shared)
  • A player with x2 Mythic Leads (for appropriate squads) and all legendary survivors + Max Research has 3236 (710: Party Shared)
  • Blu-Glo Pylons will increase your health/shield by +25% of whatever value they were (1.25 multiplier), and yes, this means that if you have 'Blast From The Past' team perk enabled it'll be a 1.25 multiplier on top of whatever health you had.
  • Support Team Heroes will share 8% of their stats,
    hero loadout improvements - Blast From The Past, Dino Heroes, Numbers and Stuffper the hero loadout improvements blog

I should note that if you get the various survivor bonuses, +5% health is more or less akin to 5 extra Fortitude. Any reference to stuff that scales with F.O.R.T stats from here on assumes no survivor bonuses are active (for simplicity). The same deal applies to weapon damage, ability damage, etc. (for their respective stats).

As a basic reference

  • A solo player capped (x2 mythic leads, all leg) will have 3236 of a stat
  • In a team of 4 humans, a player will be 3236 + (710) + (710) + (710) = 5,366

The math is easy enough that if you want to calculate on your own you can (I'm not going to exhaustively do it for you).

How Fortitude Works

It quite literally works the way the tooltip states, 1 Fortitude is a 1% increase (of whatever base value you had).

  • Base = 100, 1% , 100 * 0.01 = 1, therefore 100 + 1 = 101, aka 100 * 1.01
  • 5% bonus health (survivor bonus) is the same as 5 Fortitude

If you have 1 Fortitude and 5% bonus health (from survivor) then you literally get 6% bonus health (or 6 Fortitude).

Support Heroes (shared stats)

I've previously explained it here in-depth, but pretty much

  • Each hero has a basic template which determines their values
  • Heroes like 'Assassin', 'Dim Mak Mari', 'Paleo Luna' all share the same stat-template (for these 3, it's the Ninja template with the lowest hero ability damage values, which is also why Dim Mak wasn't an 'ability Ninja' pre 8.0)
  • If you do the math in reverse (remove the F.O.R.T stat bonuses) you can get a rough idea on the base-values for health, shield
  • 100 * 1.01 = 101
  • 101 / 1.01 = 100

You can see from this screenshot a break down of the math.

Numbers related to figuring out Base Values


  • The shield value is the same for all 3 heroes
  • Base values are assumed to be integer numbers
  • For calculations, using: 4,380 and 6,025 hp and 2,816 shield

How Blast From the Past Works

The tooltip indicates: Removes all shield and increases Max Health by 200%.

What it doesn't explicitly tell you is that the health calculation only applies to your Commander, and not any bonus health you get from your Support Team heroes.

The math does work out perfectly (within margin of error due to rounding, UI limitations on display, etc).

33q4ft8u0sy21 - Blast From The Past, Dino Heroes, Numbers and Stuff
Without the Team Perk: Blast From The Past

pgc4obyz0sy21 - Blast From The Past, Dino Heroes, Numbers and Stuff
With the Team Perk: Blast From The Past

bk0nmcl11sy21 - Blast From The Past, Dino Heroes, Numbers and Stuff
Numbers that get you to the in-game UI values

x369d96a1sy21 - Blast From The Past, Dino Heroes, Numbers and Stuff
The numbers match

18ck94xc1sy21 - Blast From The Past, Dino Heroes, Numbers and Stuff
Even with 'Blast From The Past' active

More Math and Theory-crafting

The following was done under the assumption of 2,000 Fortitude stat. It's annoying/time consuming to do, but it still follows the established rules/mechanics.


I'm now going to 'scale' these values to the solo player cap based on the math (Fortitude = 3236). I don't actually have the perfect survivors I'd need to screenshot/test these in-game at the exact values but I assume you'll trust me enough on this (and not be pedantic about rounding values and associated errors due to scale).

r3pfxcwk1sy21 - Blast From The Past, Dino Heroes, Numbers and Stuff
Fortitude = 2000

dpe8bu4m1sy21 - Blast From The Past, Dino Heroes, Numbers and Stuff
Fortitude = 3236

Knowing that you get 5.5% of the max health as bonus damage per swing isn't really helpful unless you get scaled weapons as well (and the associated math), so I'm going to use a Stabsworth the III to do this.

Assume the following conditions

  • Ore weapons
  • 5 star 50/50
  • Non-Physical vs Physical
  • Any 'buffs' from perks/conditional requirements are active (based on loadout used above).
  • Best weapon perks (based on DPS)

Numbers (Melee DPS, without Saurian Claws)

  • Perks: (1x) Element: Energy/Fire/Nature/Water and 20% Dmg vs Physical: (1x) 45% Dmg to Conditional: (2x) 135% Crit Dmg:
  • Hit: 40,604.4576
  • Critical Hit: 170,538.7219
  • Attacks per Sec: 2.4643
  • Attack Interval: 0.4058
  • DPS: 94,076.4090

Bonus Damage From Saurian Claws (5.5% of max health, assuming 100% hp).

  • 213,357.2160 * 0.055 = 11,734.65 (per attack), 'bonus DPS = 28,917.69'.
  • 505,590.8160 * 0.055 = 27,807.49 (per attack), 'bonus DPS = 68,526.01'.

Bonus Damage From Saurian Claws (5.5% of max health, assuming 125% hp, so blu-glo siphon active).

  • 266,696.52 * 0.05 = 14,668.31 (per attack), 'bonus DPS = 36,146.90'.
  • 631,988.52 * 0.05 = 34,759.37 (per attack), 'bonus DPS = 85,657.02'.


Obviously there's a caveat that if you've taken health damage, your 'bonus damage' will decrease but putting that aside I'm hoping these numbers have given you some perspective as to how much your attacks could hit for (solo player) and the amount of bonus you should be expecting.

I've discussed Izza to some extent here back when the event first started/some speculation, but what I want to make reference to is the armor values/damage reduction.

Every point of armor gives you a linear increase in effective health. Taken quite literally 60 armor = 60% more hp+shield pool, 93 = 93% more hp+shield pool. For Ninjas

  • Shadow stance = 60 armor = 37.5% damage reduction
  • Shadow stance + Prehistoric Izza = 93 armor = 48.19% damage reduction

Running the loadout I had listed and Blast From the Past, you end up with (as a solo player, blu-glo siphon) 1,219,737.84 effective health once you factor in the damage reduction whilst potentially putting out 179,733.43 DPS, and this is using a Stabsworth the III (and not something like a Spectral Blade).

Melee is trivially simple in Fortnite, but for some reason many players seem to have issues avoiding/mitigating damage so do keep in mind how capable you are as a player when looking at these numbers (and don't be blinded only by the numbers). Since I know someone is going to ask, I haven't run the numbers for a Constructor melee loadout, but you should be able to figure it out on your own now that you know how it all works.


For anyone capable of 'not-standing-in-fire', melee loadouts in Fortnite have always been better than ranged, with the exception of a small dark period between patch 4.2 and 4.4, and on special event fights (like the Storm King). With the addition of these new dinosaur perks it really does make one wonder if a nerf-hammer is incoming soon, or if the developers are happy with the relationship (ranged vs melee) the way it is. In this 'post-dinosaur' world where they keep increasing the damage output and damage reduction of the playstyles with the highest (realizable) damage potential and highest tankiness something has got to give. I'm not even using the best heroes/perks/loadouts/F.O.R.T stats for these numbers and yet any casual observer should still be able to recognize how insane it has all become.

Due to changing circumstances (real-life) this is probably going to be the last 'big/in-depth' write-up (at least for a while). I've started a new project (work) and the travel commitments are taking out a massive chunk of my time (there's only so many hours in a day). If you're a newbie and would like you learn about the game mechanics Search for in the subreddit you'll be able to find up the various things I've written explaining game mechanics and stuff. By now I've covered off pretty much everything so if you're willing to learn there's plenty of stuff for you to go through.

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