Blitzen BASE Kyle Hero Review

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Warning: long, with TL;DR at the end

Blitzen BASE Kyle is a Constructor with the Warden subclass. Note: Blitzen BASE Kyle is currently the only Warden Constructor, available originally during the 2017 Survive the Holidays event.

”Gradually heals during melee combat, and regenerates the health of any ally staying in the BASE.”

Warden’s skills are: – 1-Star – Creative Engineering: 10% faster build speed, 10% reduced building cost – 1 – Bull Rush: The Constructor charges forward 3 tiles, collecting enemies on a shield, knocking them back at the end of the rush or when colliding with a wall. Does a base of 60 blunt physical damage. – 2 – B.A.S.E.: The BASE alters the matter of connected building pieces. Affected walls will deal a base of 12 energy damage to any enemy that attacks them in melee. Attached structures gain 12% damage resistance. Extends 3 segments from placement. – 5 – Bull Crush: At the end of Bull Rush, Hardware damage increases by 45% for 10s. – 8 – Automated Defense: Increases BASE connectivity by 1 building piece. – 2-Star – Kinetic Overload: Critical hits with hardware melee weapons trigger a Kinetic Overload, dealing a base of 50 plasma energy damage and knockback to the target. Can trigger once every 6 seconds. – 12 – Hearty Blows: Every 4th hit with a Hardware weapon restores 12 base health to the Constructor. – 15 – Exit Plan: While inside any BASE, the Constructor's speed and blunt weapon critical hit rate are increased. Increases run speed by 12% and critical rating increased by 5. – 18 – Rushed Rush: Reduces the cooldown of Bull Rush by 6 seconds. – 3-Star – Plasma Pulse: Deploys a device which emits exploding Plasma Pulses every 0.125 seconds for 10 seconds. Deals a base of 14 plasma energy damage. – 25 – Kinetic Overdrive: When Kinetic Overload is triggered, it affects targets within a 0.5 tile radius of the primary target. – 30 – Base M.D.: The Constructor regenerates 1 base health every 3 seconds while inside the area of BASE. Regenerates 2% of maximum health every 3 seconds.

Looking at just the perks it’s easy to see the Warden is a defensive-offense style of Constructor, versus just pure defense on the BASE-oriented Constructors (Heavy BASE, MEGABASE, Power BASE, etc.). And while having no defensive BASE upgrades besides a total range of 4 tiles, it’s actually not as bad as it sounds when in practice.

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This Constructor is very durable, and is built around fighting inside the BASE with hardware to regenerate health and blow away groups of Husks with Kinetic Overdrive. If you consistently hit your targets while standing in the BASE, you will easily be hitting Kinetic Overdrive and wiping away Husks with well-used Bull Rishes, and receive tons of healing from your melee and Base M.D.


With Base M.D., Warden is also good as a supporting team member if you inform your teammates of your healing BASE. It’s not as much as a well-perked Cozy Campfire, but 2% Health per second is a noticeable amount, especially in Twine Peaks where you’ll be reaching 100k+ health with a full team, at about 2000-2500 every 3 seconds if you have 100k-110k Health. This is a tiny bit higher for the Constructor with that additional 1 base health, but not too noticeable if your Tech is low (think one-third of the total healing from Survivalist). A decent support overall but it shouldn’t be used as a major source of healing. A nice utility but it won’t keep you alive against a Blaster volley. But if you know how to move around a Blaster and can get close enough to stun it with melee this shouldn’t be an issue, at least it’s not in my early Twine experience.

What Squad Bonuses to Use To keep a defensive edge, I use Pre-Planning in support (so I can build/upgrade more to compensate for a small-reaching Base with no defensive upgrades) and Survivalist in the tactical slot to further bolster my health regeneration.

However, other suggestions for support bonuses include using – Actuated Attacks or Hammer Crit Chance (blunt melee damage increase and blunt crit rating increase) – Healthy (health increase) – Quick Shields (reduced Shield Regen delay) – Fleet (faster movement speed)

Additionally, possible tactical bonuses include – Feel the BASE (3×3 energy nova every 30 kills in the BASE) – Power Modulation (Health Regen for your structures, everything get healing now!) – Firewall (attacks on the shield trigger an explosion and stun every 16 seconds) – Survivalist (explained earlier, even more healing) – Stun baton (crits deal more impact and stun, good if you’re crit heavy and Kinetic Overdrive is on cooldown) – Where we’re going we need roads (more movement speed on player structures, good if it stacks with exit plan and you want to be really speedy) – Bloody Bull (Bull Rush afflicts Targets, doing 90% more damage over 3 seconds) – Stormborne (melee kills increase movement speed for a few seconds) – Dragon Daze (Upon Shield breaking, stun nearby enemies in a damaging explosion) – Corrosion (critical hits with melee deal additional damage over time and slow targets) – Vigorous Strikes (stealth 5 energy every 4 melee hits, maybe useful if you’re fighting nature Husks)

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TL;DR: Overall, Warden is an extremely flexible utility/support Constructor that can greatly benefit your team in both survivability and melee crowd control. With such an open kit, he has a huge range of support and tactical bonuses to choose from the accentuate his kit based on your playstyle. Play him aggressively with a good hardware weapon and you’ll stay very healthy and keep your enemies at bay with critical hits.

Here’s to hoping we get another Warden sometime in the future, as he’s lots of fun to play.


EDIT: Added Corrosion and Vigorous Strikes as possible Tactical bonuses, and fixed some typos

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