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Hello , i post my BBK loadouts first of a all you must know that constructor is suppose to guard walls like guardian, except the later is doing a better job.

I explain further guardian have Kinetic Overdrive and increased hammer crit chance to applies Kinetic Overdrive , have two connectivity increasing and perks to run faster and an increased crit chance when in range of base. So he got a total of +23 critical rating.

Now to compare with warden subclass only have +1 connectivity 2 perks for bull rush , 3 for hardware and 3 for the base.

— Bull Rush Perks —

– Bull Crush increase hardware by 45% for 10 seconds after using BR.

– Rushed Rush decrease the time cooldown of BR.

— Hardware Perks —

– Hearty Blows regen health every 4th hit with a hardware weapon

– Kinetic Overload inflict extra damage which is activated with a critical hit and can be used again every 6 seconds.

– Kinetic Overdrive apply Kinetic Overload but affect all enemies within a 0,5 tiles radius from privary target.

— Base —

– +1 Connectivity


– Base M.D. Heals all allies in range of the base.

– Exit Plan increase run speed by 12% and blunt critical rating by 5%

So we can focus on what's wrong with BBK.

– Does not have many perks that increase Hardware critical rating.

– Have a small base.

– His base become useless once in group late CV and all TP due to the fact his base do not heal enough health once you hit 200K of health.

– Does not have perks to make him a true Warden.

— Loadout —

These are the best you can set for him.

PS: As u/dekkerdCain have mentioned Deadly Blade is a good choice too.

— My though how to balance him more—

– Give him +1 connectivity.

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– Increase health granted by his base slightly.

– Decoy instead plasma pulse simply because he is a warden so he need a warden for his wall and also because plasma is weak.

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