Bombsquad Kyle – Armor, Hardware, and Math, Oh my! (In depth analysis)

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Bombsquad Kyle - Armor, Hardware, and Math, Oh my! (In depth analysis)

The new hero coming out tonight, Bombsquad Kyle, seems pretty bad, right? Well not quite. The newest hammer in the game, The Baron, is very unique, perhaps the most unique melee weapon. It can run 3 utility perks, like movement speed, durability, life leech, or in this case, armor. Don’t forget, this a constructor we are talking about, which gives him access to Kinetic Overload, which is amazing when paired with hammers. So I sought to find a build that would give you the highest armor in the entire game, while still fishing out good damage. I also found the damage resistance you get from the different builds I put together. So, I present,

Stronk Bulky Bomb Boi Kyle and The Baron

Commander: Bombsquad Kyle Perk: Bomb Suit+ -Increases Armor by 66. (Extra 39.45% damage resistance; more info below)

Team Perk: Underdog (or Bio-Energy Source which is just as good at healing shield)

Support Team:

Survivalist: On kill, get 39 base health back over 3 seconds (Synergy with Underdog; or you can switch out this with whatever survivability perk you enjoy)

Software: Increases Hardware heavy attack efficiency by 65%

Actuated Attacks: Increases hardware damage by 17%

Maximum Overload: Increases Kinetic Overload damage by 50%

Rapid Charge: Melee weapon eliminations grant 7.5 energy

This team focuses on tearing husks apart with your Baron’s heavy and regular attacks, and getting health and energy back from it. It excels at keeping you alive even longer, while still letting you pump out powerful and impressive damage.

Weapon: The Baron (Steampunk Hammer)

Perks (full legendary)

1 – 40 Armor

2 – 40 Armor

3 – Energy

4 – 40 Armor

5 – Wild Card perk

6 – Sixth perk can be anything you prefer

Total Armor: 186 Additional Armor which translates to a damage resistance of 65% less damage taken.


If you take away one of the Armor perks on the Baron, you still get 146 Armor, leaving you with 59.50% damage resistance.

(u/Whitesushii recently made a armor calculator to find the damage resistance based on armor. One armor perk on the Baron is an extra 28% damage resistance, but that dosnt mean that with 2 you get double that. It works the same way Crit Rate does, it starts to go up in smaller percentages the higher the value.)

Or, take another armor perk off and that leaves you with 106 armor total, with 51.35% damage resistance. So, if you want maximum armor potential, you can run 3 Armor perks, but just one Armor perk is enough. So the better build for the Baron would be:

1 – 40 Armor

2 – Whatever you want 🙂

3 – Energy

4 – Whatever you want 🙂

5 – Whatever you want 🙂

6 – Sixth perk can be anything you get. All of the weapons 6th perks are great.

So In conclusion, you can fish out a lot of damage and build your hammer the way you want to, while still having over HALF damage taken from ALL enemies. Do not scoff at this hero, this makes for one of the tankiest builds we have ever seen since the introduction of armor, and the hero rework.

Also a friendly reminder that Hot Swap is a team perk that exists. This hero is not your average constructor, it gives armor buffs, which can be used on any hero to give an extra 17-18% damage resistance. So use that information for whatever you so choose.

With the buffed out hardware damage build, along with survivalist, and of course that tanky damage resistance, I dare you to die on the battlefield. The hero is not yet released but I am SUPER excited to give this a go. Good luck!

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