Brief Explanation on how Horde Bash works.

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Note that I may also miss some things it has been a while some my memory is foggy. Add any info in the comments and I will Edit the post.

From the start

Horde Bash is a Defense mode that is some what the same as Category 4. but the difference is:

  • Each player builds their own base before the mission has begun (So you will see many different set ups)
  • When you get ready to play, there are I believe 10 waves. Each wave will choose a base to attack and only that base for a short duration of time.
  • Each wave may come with a modifier just as you see in Storm missions. Depending on the level of difficulty you will have more then 1 modifier. 1 modifier will be selected and stay for every wave as other modifiers may change through out each wave.
  • At the end of each wave you will be given materials such as: Wood, Stone, Metal, crafting materials, Ammo.

Important stuff to know:

  • You may not bring already crafted Items such as weapons or traps into the defense mode.
  • You also can not bring crafting materials, building materials or ammo.
  • A base set of Building Materials, Crafting Materials and Ammo will be given to you at the beginning of the event mission.
  • You may bring only your schematics, heroes, defenders
  • You will also need schematics of each lvl ie. Lvl 10, 20, 30, 40. As for each zone you play in you may only get a certain lvl of crafting materials. example: You can't get Malachite in a Stonewood Zone.

There is a Separate Skill tree for Horde Bash that will appear once the event has started.


*The skill tree is separated in 4 different sections for each difficulty zone. *After completing the mission you will receive a skill point for that specific zone you played in. Missions will tell you what you will receive (there is a daily cooldown for how many skill points you may receive per 24 hours)
*Skill tree perks include: More building materials, crafting materials, ammo, (Don't remember the rest)


  • Q: Will the Halloween event Heroes/Schematics such as "Skull trooper" or the "Grave Digger" return for Horde Bash?

    A: No it will not, Those were a Holiday event for Halloween, Those skins may or may not come back for Halloween again. (I do not know) Also I doubt the Scavenger Heroes will come back for this event as well because this will fall on the 1 year Anniversary for Fortnite (WOOO) So I am sure they have a whole new layout for us. 😀

  • Q: Why can I not bring my guns I made already into Horde Bash?

    A: The mode was designed to be a challenge and to work together in a short period of time. Bring over leveled guns will cause a slight advantage to the mode.

  • Q: How easy or hard is Horde Bash?

    A: Depending on your PL level it can be a challenge or a cake walk.

Hope this helps. any other questions I will add into the post as well so that anyone may see it and find their answer right away 🙂

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