Bring back “cram” in the future

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Bring back the "cram" concept in short bursts throughout the year during other events, sort of like the "double XP weekend" the other mode gets.

The "Long" Version

Look, I know the whole cram event has its ups and downs. I personally think it's not great as an event, as there's just a lack of content or storyline, especially after the road trip event lasted for quite some time. That being said, I do enjoy the concept of it.

I think it feels fantastic doing whatever I do every day anyway. Each mission feels a little bit more worth it and I've been able to comfortably upgrade some new weapons and heroes I've been meaning to try. This event gives you a lot of XP even if you're not specifically grinding 4x missions for that specific resource.


My suggestion would be to bring back this event in significantly shorter bursts throughout the year. I'm thinking of it as something like the double XP weekend that the other mode gets every now and then. We don't get much from those weekends and I think this would work well.

This way you could keep doing what you're doing anyway (at the moment it's grinding for gold or vbucks or whatever neat miniboss missions are around, but during other events it would be playing storm missions) and just gain a little bit more freedom through passive XP to try new things.

Thanks for reading, I'm not fantastic at putting my thoughts into words, I'm glad you got through it.

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