Brute force login attempts.

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I wasn't believing that so many people that play the game and have an epic account was simple getting randomly hacked and the account compromised. Until i checked my email today.

I received multiple reset password attempts, every 120 minutes i received this:

Your Epic Games account has been locked due to multiple invalid login attempts. Please wait 120 minutes before trying to access your account.

I used to believe that people lost their account because of the twitch prime skin for battle royale (giving the account to friends or strangers to get the skin), or either trying some free v-bucks on random websites. But that wasn't my case. I never tried any of that stuff. I just play the game.

Epic could you please check those login attempts out? Maybe improve your login system with captchas. Or make sure you everyone that spend money in the game put the 2 factor authentication? I just removed all my financial information just to make sure.


Let's clarify some stuff that i've already said on the comment sections:

  • I'm on PS4 and NEVER used my account information on PC. In any website.
  • No i didn't get my account hacked. Just received a lot of break in attempts which led account lockouts.
  • Yes, i am using 2FA (Two-factor authentication)
  • I'm using 3 different emails and different passwords. No way my email or even the password got leaked in other website.

  • Too many people are missing the point here. I don't care about someone failing at trying to guess my password. I care about HOW they know that i have my e-mail linked there? Is there any data leak from their side going on? Is my personal information really secure? Why is there so many people all of suddenly suffering the same issue as me?

  • This is mainly a PSA for those that was thinking that only the kids of this communities were getting hacked. I were one of those who saw a "i was hacked please help!!11!!11!" was just some kiddo who clicked on some phishing website or account shared with someone with some random reason. Someone/something is brute-forcing specific email address. I was lucky that i had all security options on. Don't leave your credit card information saved and ACTIVATE your 2FA if you haven't already.

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