Buff older weapon sets to keep up with power creep

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Buff older weapon sets to keep up with power creep

older sets just don't feel like they have a use anymore, partly because statistically they've fallen behind, and also partly because they're pretty boring. With two old-old-old sets getting new weapons, I feel like maybe we should revisit them.


  • The Hydraulic series prides itself in high impact at the cost of damage. The problem? Impact isn't a very popular direction for builds, the impact increase itself isn't worth the substantial loss in damage, and overall it's just kind of lacking.
  • This could be offset simply by buffing the stats accordingly, giving them actually not-piss-poor damage, even higher impact, and even unique impact related perks, such as offering substantial knockback, AoE stuns and damage bursts on impact procs


  • Vindertech series basically existed as: More high tech weapons back when there wasn't much of them (There was like 5 high tech weapons back at launch). Now that elements are pretty fair game and energy is what most people default for anyways, Vindertech Weapons don't have much identity anymore beyond looking pretty cool.
  • Solutions: Of course there's a general stat buff, but given the new Vindertech Bow's homing capabilities, we could probably add something similar to that for the guns. Melee weapons could summon vindertech holograms as distractions too, who knows?

Vacuum Tube:

  • Our first element locked set (that isn't energy) and, wee, they are NOT good, with the exception of the sniper mostly because it has a niche use with Zenith. They're unique enough but the damage of course is meh combined with its fixed nature damage makes them pretty limited. There's not much to say about these to be honest, they're holiday themed weapons except not, is what they are.


  • A returning series of weapons based on chinese fireworks, these are predictably a fire-fixed set. While they DO have a unique perk (Firework related), they aren't guaranteed to come with them and can come with far more boring snare/affliction perks
  • Suggestion to make firework perks mandatory and make new ones. The regular firework fountain on death is fine, would also appreciate one that makes fireworks fly out of killed enemies that home in on new ones. Also damage buff, of course please.


  • Another High tech series of weapons that are fixed energy with a more stand-out design than vindertech. These actually aren't that bad, but aside from their appearance they don't DO much beyond being above average (for the time). Neon series don't actually have any unique perks for their set either weirdly enough.
  • The only truly bad weapon here is probably the pistol, because it's literally just like, a nerf gun. It doesn't do ANYTHING. The only real recommendation I'd have aside from a paltry damage buff on these weapons is neon-related 6th perks. a burst of light that blinds and stuns enemies, releasing neon lasers that seek out husks, stuff like that!

I think that's as far as I need to go in terms of older weapons, dunno if military weapons need anything going for them.

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