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Figured since no one else started one, and since I'm so active here, I'd do it. Magyst is looking for bugs the team can look into. This is a work in progress list, so feel free to post about your bugs (preferably with video/picture proof where necessary) and I will add it to the list. Issues already listed on the Trello will not be included.

I'm listing issues in order of my personal perceived importance (based off of how frequent and how impactful the bug is), with cosmetic issues as lowest on the totem pole. I realize some of you may not agree, and that's ok. Also, just because I list one bug higher than another, it doesn't mean Epic will be able to squash it before something lower on the list.

Major Issues

  • Endurance Crashes – I don't have a video for this, but a video won't show much that's helpful. People are wasting hours of their time to have their game crash at wave 25+.

  • Deathbomb Modifier damages objective – Even with a nicely built, fully intact defense, the objective can be damaged by deathbombs.
    9kfct4 - Bug List for Magyst/Epic
  • Crossplay – Admittedly, not necessarily a bug. But for the health of this game going forward, we need complete crossplay in all mission types. It's getting harder and harder to find people to play with, even with server hopping.

Moderate Issues

  • Weapons stealing ammo – Weapons with AND without magazine size perks are sucking up a full magazine worth of ammo the first time they are pulled out in a mission. This is causing people who grind missions to lose ammo fast.

  • Failed to lock profile – Not sure exactly what causes this, and while a restart usually fixes it, it is annoying nonetheless.

  • Bows not shooting properly – Arrow will fall at your feet instead of going to their intended target. (I admittedly don't use bows, so if there's more info about this, let me know. Also looking for video)

  • Players below PL122 still able to get Mythic weapons – Debated on where/whether I should put this, but I figured it belongs here. Players invest a lot of time to reach end game content and secure mythic weapons. Only to have little billy in Plankerton, who traded for a bunch of 130s he doesn't actually need, also get the same mythic weapons.

Minor Issues

  • Husks spawning in terrain – When doing encampments, somewhat frequently a husk will spawn inside terrain, making it a pain unless you have a weapon like the Neon sniper or want to reset your progress on the encampment.

  • Storm Shield Assist sending players to zones way above their level – I like that I don't have to check each zone to see if someone needs help, but there should be something in place to prevent Stonewood players from getting sent to Twine assists. Perhaps adding a PL check, or making it so players can only be sent backwards from the zone they're searching in?

Cosmetic/Visual Issues

  • Ability charge count not accurate – I'm not sure if this is related to the bug that's listed on the Trello about being swapped to your pickaxe when using an ability on cooldown or not, but picking up charge fragments does not increase the counter, phase shift counter is not always accurate, etc.

  • Pickaxes revert to their default style when switched to during a Ninja's Shadow Stance –

  • Locker can be manipulated to temporarily show a hero as a different rarity/set. Does not work on outfits. (credit
    saveslotone - Bug List for Magyst/Epic


PS. More communication with the community please.

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