Bugs currently present in the game !

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Bugs currently present in the game !

We all are fully aware of the bugs in the game. Sometimes we ignore, consider it a feature and move on but a lot of times they are annoying and ruin the game experience. Surprisingly, the community managers haven't acknowledged most of these bugs, so we don't know if the Dev team is aware of them. Moreover they aren't even mentioned on Trello as well.

Well, I'm listing all the bugs that I'm aware of hoping that the community managers read and convey our message to the Fortnite Team.

  1. Voice lines from the event repeating over and over even after you've completed it. These has been a thing for a while now and we have no idea if this is intentional or just another bug.

  2. This is related to the drop-down menu (Esc on PC)

    Incorrect PL | Teammates not showing | Incorrect/Missing banners

  3. Unable to open the chat box on Rewards screen. (Workaround: Open the emote wheel and then the chat box can be activated)

  4. Quick exit on Reward Screen not saving the quest progress. (Workaround: Wait for a few minutes on the screen to let the server save the progress)

  5. Endurance crashes/server timeouts

  6. Invisible Mini Bosses

  7. Decoy crumbling to pieces

  8. Bull Rush Shield stuck in front of the character

  9. Character sometimes glitches out after Heavy Attack with weapons like Guardian's Will (Workaround : Get downed)

  10. Emotes

    Penny character sitting sideways on Have a Chair emote | Emote music stuck on a teammate

  11. Defenders consuming weapons on Wargames failure.

  12. Unable to interact with Medkit survivors sometimes.

  13. Deliver the Bomb bugs

    No animation for bomb destroying the Rift | Rift near the Armory rather than B | Unable to start mission | Emotes stop after a second while standing on the bomb (We could do full emotes previously)

  14. Husks/Flingers phasing into structures

  15. Huge Lag/Freeze when Wargames Simulation starts

  16. Interaction area of MEDBot survivors doesn't relocate if the survivor is shifted from its original place by husks

  17. Crescendo music gets stuck if we start emoting while charging it. This is sometimes accompanied by a screeching sound. The music only stops when we switch/reload the weapon

  18. Sound Wall music playing even after husks aren't in contact with it

  19. Stuck on Lefty-Righty/Goin Commando animation after the ability

  20. Storm King's crystals have a bugged out hitbox

I haven't listed the recent outfit/lobber/RTD related bugs as Epic Community managers have acknowledged those issues on the sub.

Please do add to the list of bugs if I missed any of it.

Thanks for reading. Peace ♥️

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