Bugs that completely stop me from playing the game

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Bugs that completely stop me from playing the game

And before automod suggests, I have already reported all of these ingame but I still just need to document how bad they are here.

Apparently these glitches aren't happening for too many other people, but just to make sure it wasn't my installation, I reinstalled my entire game. After that failed to solve the problem, I wiped my entire computer just for the sake of confirming that this wasn't my fault. It wasn't.

BUG 1 – Loss of guns

If I switch to a new gun that hasn't been loaded yet, the gun will not appear. It'll show up in my hotbar, and I assume that other players can see that I'm holding it. However, the arm-stance of the previous gun I had will be kept, and no gun will be held. (EX. If I switch from rocket launcher to AR, I am holding an AR from other players perspective, but from my view I am holding an invisible rocket launcher over my shoulder. Crosshairs will be of the prior weapon. I cannot shoot at all.

While I thought this was a connection issue on my part, I don't think it is. I can still run around, chat keeps coming in, teammates keep moving around and traps continue to function. The mission continues, I just can't use any guns. Sometimes it will fix itself after 45 seconds or so, and sometimes I have to physically pull out my ethernet cord and plug it back in for a full game reset that hopefully solves the problem. (My solution works around 70% of the time) Gadgets are still usable, but abilities are not. Sometimes I've had to sit there for five minutes spamming drones in hopes that my combat score will be high enough to give me the rewards, because I can't place TEDDY or Shock tower to boost it at all.


BUG 2 – Turret Camera angle

When I hop into a turret I just set down, the camera is focused on my character's back, rather than over their head. Turret will not shoot. I have to hop out, wait around 2 minutes, and then jump back in. Even then, the turret will only work around 30% of the time.

BUG 3 – Stuck on Pickaxe

I sometimes load into games and cannot switch to weapons at all. Just the pickaxe. Combat scores reflect this issue, I've just taken to leaving the game now.

I just can't play this game right now. I apologize for any brevity, but love lobbers comboed with these game-breaking glitches just really rail on me right now. I understand that due to the sickness right now Epic is a bit crippled with their updates, so I'm reserving any anger I have for the meantime. However, BUG 1 is the most gamebreaking, and has been happening since Season 2 launched, a bit before all of the chaos. PLEASE fix these issues. I understand that resources are short, but if this is happening to other people I wholeheartedly understand taking a leave of absence at this point.

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