Building a strong hero of every class by Virtual_Swayy

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Building a strong hero of every class by Virtual_Swayy

Guide to building a strong hero of every class by Virtual_Swayy

My builds are categorized by class below.

About this guide:

1) I’ve tried to name the builds according to their functionality rather than their main hero (i.e. Dragon Slash Ninja, Perma-Shockwave Soldier, Farming Outlander).

2) Make sure to tell people about this guide! I’d hate to write all these builds up and no one benefits from it.

3) I’m not making any silly claims about “the meta” or “the most OP build”. However, each of these has been play tested by me in the highest level content in the game and every single one is beyond viable. They all absolutely wreck. I would classify all of these as “extremely strong” builds.

4) Most of these builds focus on maximizing one specific function/playstyle, although good hybrid builds are certainly viable and I may put out some in a future guide. I’m currently testing many more viable/strong builds I have not listed here including a few for the team perk “Hot Swap” which is a very OP team perk, but requires a lot of knowledge and skill to build around, and play with.

5) Some already well known builds are not included because either there are already good guides out (ex. First shot Rio Insta-gib build), or I don’t like them (enforcer/reclaimer re-do build. Because Why? Just why?)

6) Many of these builds can swap out a support or two and play (mostly) the same way. The exceptions to this are abilities that are key to the mechanic (ex. Don’t take Mega Base out of the “Mega Base Builder” build lol). If you are missing a hero look for one you do have that is either A) similar to what you are missing or B) compliments the build in another way (if you don’t have a similar support perk available).






Main Hero: Tank Penny (50% hardware damage)

Team Perk: Slow Your Roll (freeze melee attacker 2 seconds)

Support 1: Guardian Bull (17 hardware crit)

Support 2: Base Kyle (28% building health)

Support 3: Electro-Pulse Penny (reflects melee damage to walls)

Support 4: Thunder Thora (Electric floors)

Support 5: Ice King (Snare floors)

Note: BASE seems strange for this mission right? It works great though. Pop it down when you build up to the horns and all mobs that chase you up are snared and take damage on the way up and take damage hitting any tiles you block with. I suggest getting the Base in your hotkey in the beginning because who wants to mess with that trap wheel in combat? Gun buffs are not important because the right guns will wreck everything that can be shot with no buffs. Face down your ramp while hitting horns so hammer finishes off any mobs that do make it to you.

Weapon Loadout: 1) Boss killer (recommend space invader) 2) Hammer for horn damage (recommend smasher basher) 3) Crystal Killer (recommend obliterator). Key weapon is a high environmental damage hammer.

Substitutions: Swap Fleet (run speed) for any of the BASE buffs if you don’t have a move speed weapon or want more speed. Can drop Base buffs entirely (they are for quality of life in the horn phase).


Main Hero: Mega BASE (+3 Base size)

Team Perk: Supercharged Traps

Support 1: Power Base (4% building heal)

Support 2: Base Kyle (28% building health)

Support 3: Electro-Pulse Penny (reflects melee damage to walls)

Support 4: Thunder Thora (Electric floors)

Support 5: Ice King (Snare floors)

Note: This is your go to builder for large objectives. Nothing else really has the coverage required. Even for smaller objectives this guy rocks because he can lay out floors that snare + damage pretty far out. Floor spike snare stacks and remember it lasts 2 tiles so no need to coat the whole world with them. Shoot a smasher with a snare gun when he is on this base with floor spikes and he can barely move.

Weapon Loadout: Whatever… no weapon perks right?

Substitutions: These are hands down the best structural BASE supports, but swap any other out if you don’ have them. If you are missing two go Boom Base. Alternatively swap out what you are missing for combat buffs (rushed rush, etc..). Remember non-constructors reduce your team perk. For content you are not trapping, use recycle instead. It’s Hyperthreading!!!


Main Hero: Catstructor Penny

Team Perk: Bio Energy Source (Shield per energy spent)

Support 1: Tank Penny (17% Hardware Damage)

Support 2: Guardian Bull (17% Hardware Crit)

Support 3: Fleet foot Ken (run speed)

Support 4: Anti-snuggle Sarah (Energy on melee kill)

Support 5: Survivalist Jonesy (Heal over time on elimination)

Note: Bull rush bonanza! It’s like every 4 seconds! Super fun build! Heavy attack a lot. Spamming energy spending things keeps pumping up your shiled non-stop and you get it back from your ninja support skill.

Weapon Loadout: Hardware! If you have it I’d use two. One double armor and one double move speed

Substitutions: You can swap something out for Syd if you are into kenetic these days. I prefer this build.



Main Hero: Shock Trooper Renegade (56% shockwave cooldown reduction)

Team Perk: Cool customer (3 sec cool down reduction on ability use)

Support 1: Love Ranger Jonesy (37.5% shockwave radius)

Support 2: Archetype Havoc (40% run speed for 8 secs on shockwave)

Support 3: Weapon Buff (your choice – must reload often with empty mag!)

Support 4: Chromium Ramirez (13.7% shield on reload)

Support 5: Survivalist Jonesy (Heal over time on elimination)

Note: Gets survivability from Ramirez since team perk is devoted to cool down reduction. Since shockwave can be used every 8seconds (as long as you kill things – 11 if not) Escape artist buff is ALWAYS UP!!!

Weapon Loadout: Anything that you can empty the magazine quickly on. Single shot sniper, single/double barrel shot gun, six-shooter. It’s your call. Recommend move speed melee weapon also for light speed travel from spawn to spawn.

Substitutions: This build does not allow for many substitutions in order to function correctly.

BUILD: Assault/Area Damage Hybrid Soldier (very well rounded)

Main Hero: Tactical Assault Sledgehammer (225% assault critical)

Team Perk: Keep Out (grenade damage over time field)

Support 1: Rescue Trooper Ramirez (17% Assault Damage)

Support 2: Master Grenadier Ramirez (50% Grenade Radius)

Support 3: Love Ranger Jonesy (37.5% shockwave radius)

Support 4: Shock Trooper Renegade (25% Shockwave Cooldown)


Support 5: Survivalist Jonesy (Heal over time on elimination)

Note: This variation is best for me because I like to run Hemlock and be at shorter range so I can shockwave. He lacks the tankiness of my other builds, so swapping shockwave for more grenade or gun buffs would make sense as well for longer range play.

Weapon Loadout: Assault weapons (with crit perk)

Substitutions: Endless options. Sub area buffs for more single target if you want. Sub Shockwave buffs for grenade buffs if you want.


Main Hero: Chromium Ramirez (13.7% shield on reload)

Team Perk: Variable – vHunters Instinct if night – Freeze on Melle – Status Reduction – Bio Energy – Keep out. Not an ability based hero so whatever fits situationally.

Support 1: Shrapnel Headhunter (17% shotgun damage)

Support 2: Buckshot Raptor (75% shotgun Crit)

Support 3: Skull trooper Jonesy (15% damage on reload)

Support 4: Fleetfoot Ken (run speed)

Support 5: Survivalist Jonesy (Heal over time on elimination)

Note: Unbelievably tanky. Like really… you won’t believe it. This build makes dim mak ninjas look squishy!!!

Weapon Loadout: Highly recommend Stalwart Squire!!! Anything that lets you empty the clip quickly will work. Highly recommend %shield on crit 6th perk on weapons it has amazing synergy with this build.

Substitutions: Would work just fine as a six shooter build also. Any weapon with a small magazine*.*



Main Hero: Forged Fate (200% heavy attack efficiency)

Team Perk: Dim Mak

Support 1: Swordmaster Ken (25% sword damage)

Support 2: Assassin Sarah (stacking melee damage)

Support 3: Deadly Blade Crash (Damage over time +snare on crit)

Support 4: Whiteout Fiona (15 edged weapon crit)

Support 5: Anti-snuggle Sarah (energy on melle kill)

Note: If you can build this you won’t want to use any other ninja for anything ever. This is the most insanely overpowered ninja. Never use abilities. Always Heavy attack. Everything dies (except you). The end.

Weapon Loadout: Spectral Blade. Full CR/CD build. No utility perks.

Substitutions: This is pretty optimal. If you have these use these. Potentially bio energy can provide even more shield regen than dim mak, but dim mak is more stable regen over time.

BUILD: DRAGON SLASH NINJA (if you don’t have spectral blade for the previous build)

Main Hero: Dragon Scorch (increase dragon slash area)

Team Perk: Dim Mak

Support 1: Snuggle Specialist Sarah (Dragon slash Damage over time trail)

Support 2: Sarah Hotep (reduce dragon slash energy cost)

Support 3: Swordmaster Ken (25% sword damage)

Support 4: Assassin Sarah (stacking melee damage)

Support 5: Deadly Blade Crash (Damage over time + snare on crit)

Note: This is the well-rounded variant that has some single target capability as well. For more area focus sub smoke bomb cd reduction radius and area increase for sword perks. Only sword kills keep you in shadow stance though so don’t ignore it totally.

Weapon Loadout: This build assumes you are using generic swords.

Substitutions: Subbing in Whiteout Fionas crit for any of the sword buffs is definitely not a bad option. Better in some cases. Against nature you will definitely want to sub in anti-snuggle Sarah for energy regen. Against water and/or slowing pools you may want to sub in fleetfoot ken for movespeed.


BUILD: FARMER (without archeolo-jess)

Main Hero: PATHFINDER JESS (50% pickaxe damage)

Team Perk: Long arm of the law (for better punch) or One two Punch (to punch more often). One two punch should net you more resources punched over time in most scenarios.

Support 1: Bloodfinder AC (punch damage – to kill annoying things attacking you while you farm)

Support 2: Flash AC (phase shift cool down – synergy with one two punch for more punching)

Support 3: Variable (runs peed on phase shift is good for exploring fast or more charges)

Support 4: Survivalist Jonesy ( heals -because annoying things attack you)

Support 5: Fleetfoot Ken (run speed)

Note: Pure farmer. Use in a private mission unless you are THAT GUY…

Weapon Loadout: pickaxe

Substitutions: whatever really. Anything with this main hero and either long arm of the law or one two punch team perk is a good farmer.

BUILD: MURDERSTOMPER: THE OG OUTLANDER (close quarters ability based combat)

Main Hero: Ragnarok (two waves of seismic smash + damage and impact buff)

Main HERO NOTE: These 6 outlanders are basically always OP together so you can sub out the main hero here as well. For lower level content I put Vanguard Southie in main to stomp things like every 5 seconds (might need to add energy regen from love ranger Jonesy or cost reduction if you do this every 5 seconds). If you prefer to emphasize shock tower you can main hero Wild Fragment Deadeye. His shock tower buff is insane.

Team Perk: Bio Energy Source

Support 1: Vanguard Southie (stomp cooldown reduction)

Support 2: Steel Wool Anthony (stomp damage over time at end + bounce + cool drum sound effects!)

Support 3: Wild Fragment Deadeye (Shock tower damage over time)

Support 4: Shock Specialist AC (shock tower damage)

Support 5: Sanguine Dusk (heal on phase shift)

Note: Two great area damage abilities on short cooldown with no fragment worries. What’s not to love? Two survivability perks healing your health and shield pools? Even better.

Weapon Loadout: Whatever you want. Recommend move speed melee weapon. This is an ability based hero. What’s ammo again?

Substitutions: Recommend energy regen soldier against nature especially if exploding death burst nature.

BUILD: Spectral Phase AC: The Beta Storm Bully (this guy is lol crazy!!!)

Main Hero: Flash AC (phase shift cool down)

Team Perk: Bio energy source

Support 1: Fireflower eagle eye (bombs on phase shift)

Support 2: Whiteout Fiona (sword Crit)

Support 3: Sanguine Dusk (heal on phase shift)

Support 4: Love ranger Jonesy (energy on kill)

Support 5: Anti-snuggle Sarah (energy on melee kill)

Note: I’m pretty sure this guy can never die. JK he can but it’s damn hard to kill him. The beta storm is a joke to him. Just speed around from pack to pack of mobs wrecking them all. Run into a pack and phase shift to drop bombs. Keep phase shifting on cooldown to spread the damage over time from the bombs around the pack. Heavy attack often so the bombs don’t actually kill too many things because you MUST get melee kills to get energy and you MUST keep dumping energy constantly for shield regen if you want to be the best beta storm bully you can be!!!

Weapon Loadout: Spectral blade or other heavy attacking weapon to spend energy while killing things.

Substitutions: Why mess with perfection LOL!

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