Building requirements for every mission, how to never worry about recycling theft ever again.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Building requirements for every mission, how to never worry about recycling theft ever again.

I've seen a lot of dismay on this sub about BASE recycling theft which seemed strange to me because in late game Twine I'd never seen anyone so much as mention recycling theft in any context other than a joke.

So I had a look through the threads where the "major issue" is being discussed and came to this conclusion that the problem is that early/mid game players massively overbuild and over upgrade, people were saying they'd dropped thousands of brick and metal on bases which is utterly ridiculous.

So here's what you need for most mission types, I'm going to do a breakdown on numbers and tiers of walls, I can't be bothered doing the calculations of exact materials but even before the patch increasing out carry limit it wasn't difficult to sustain materials with just a supplies box.

Cat 1 atlas and Retrieve the data:

You need a pyramid typically 2-5 trap boxes and usually 12-24 funneling walls

Pyramid – 9 Tier 3 building pieces either brick or metal depending on husk element. It's efficient, it protects against smashers, it gets the job done.

2-4 (2 tile) launcher trap boxes you can leave these at tier 1 each trap box takes a maximum of 12 tier 1 building pieces but thankfully we can just use tier 1 wood :).

Funneling walls, You can either leave these at tier 1 or upgrade them to tier 2 but you very rarely need more than this, just use wood, brick or metal, whatever you have in excess.

Retrieve the data is identical to a cat 1 atlas in every way except for having to build the remainder of the pyramid after the data drops.

Cat 2/3/4 atlas and Protect the Servers.

Similar to above but understandably you need more funneling walls and 1 pyramid for each ground atlas.

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18-36 tier 3 building pieces (don't bother putting tier 3 pieces on floating atlases just build arches underneath them and ignore them)

2-7 trap boxes

20-50 funneling walls

Protect the servers is identical to a cat 4 atlas, however you're allowed to fail 3 defenses, so it's safe to treat it like a cat 1 or cat 2 and ignore 2-3 servers.


Evac and Repair:

A 3×3 2 tile high box tier 3 (brick/metal) on the bottom, tier 1 or 2 above (wood is fine), 2-4 trap boxes (location dependent) and maximum 15 funneling walls.

The box around the shelter, literally just a box tier 3 base means you need 12 tier 3 building pieces, 2nd level 12 tier 1 wood pieces, roof 9 tier 1 or 2 whatever you like (tier 1 is usually fine, go tier 2 if you're nervous about lobbers/flingers)

Trap boxes and funneling walls as above tier 1 building materials are fine.

Ride the lightning and Launch the rocket.

8 Tier 3 brick/metal building pieces, 15 tier 1 wood building pieces above (upgrade to tier 2 if you get a lobber/flinger wave.) 5-6 trap boxes 20-30 funneling walls

RTL requires more boxes and more funneling than Cat1 or Data missions because the spawns usually form a ring completely around the van.

Launch the rocket is effectively identical to ride the lightning but +1 to everything 3 bluglo/wave, 3 waves and it's a bit taller so just adjust accordingly

Deliver the Bomb

10 Tier 3 brick or metal walls a tier 1 wood roof, 2-4 trap boxes ~12-24 funneling walls

10 Tier 3 brick or metal walls around the launcher, slap on 8 pieces of tier 1 wood on the roof (or just leave it open because flinger spawns are rare on deliver the bomb)

Spawns are static it's usually super easy to determine logical husk pathing, trap boxes and funneling as above.

TL:DR if recycling theft is getting you down try building more efficiently.


If you don't know what I mean by trap boxes you can refer to:

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Or the vastly superior followup by /u/grimSAGEly

Funneling walls refers to literally just putting walls either side of the trap box to encourage husks to go through it.

If you want to rage at me or call me clueless that's fine, here's a link to my profile I have a fair bit of experience in the game. Nuketacular

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