Bullet Storm Jonsey. Bad soldier?

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First of, thanks for fixing (BSJ) Bullet Storm Jonsey's passive.

He has a very interesting kit, that would be a lot of fun to use… If not for the fact that it is REALLY bad if you compare it to something like Urban Assault Headhunter (UAH).

UAH – +50% Fire rate after scoring ONE headshot.

BSJ – +48% Fire rate after 20 shots…

(And, depending on the gun you are using, the bonus may be shortlived even if it is worse than UAH's bonus…)


It has a MUCH longer setup phase, and it has less Fire rate bonus?

Ah, come on guys!

This guy could easily have 5% increased Fire rate/shot to a maximum of 100% at lvl 30.

Imagine how cool that would be instead?

He would indeed start to feel like a Machine gun specialist or, dare I say it, a "Swarmer of Bullets"?

Now, I know what you are saying: "ONE HUNDRED PERCENT?! Isn't that a bit excesive…?"

Yes, it is… but hear me out!

We already established what his name, and function is. So letting him have a stupid fast fire rate after warming up – I feel it is fair.


Not to mention, most guns does one of two things.

1: Do not have 20 bullets in their magazine to take the entire perk into effect anyway.

2: It would increase some guns to such a stupid amount of fire rate, that it would be hard/impossible to aim. Forcing you to choose between "cooling of" or "spray and pray".

Final part, is another part that UAH completely outclasses BSJ with.


UAH has Kneecapper!, which make her debilitating shots, stack up on targets and increase the damage they take by 45%.

BSJ, does not have this perk – he only have Lingering Pain (wich UAH has along with Kneecapper!) – so his maximum increase in damage to target is 25%…

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And he will probably apply this slower than what a UAH can.

Come on, Epic!

You have really cool, and potentialy ridiculously fun Soldier here!

It is such a shame to see you waste his potential and just be a similar, yet worse version of an existing Soldier.

Give Bullet Storm a cause for his name!

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