Called a leecher with the highest contribution in all categories, or, “why we can’t have vote kick”

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Of course it won't be abused or misused, right?

I just spent 30 minutes in a match and helped out with a bunch of stuff. Then I built the entire defense around the van including traps and tunnels. Not a single other trap or wall built by a team mate that helped in any way.

My team mates kick off the defense without me and then all of a sudden I am supposedly leeching.

Match ends and I have the highest contribution in all categories.

Yup. With vote kick, those jerks would have booted the highest contributor because THEY decided to kick off the mission without asking if I was ready. Yeah. I usually replenish my stores before kicking off the timer so I can focus on other things earlier next match.

I will never support vote kick with people like this in control of it.


I am seeing a lot of great replies. It seems demand for a vote kick is quite high as yet.

I do wonder if there’s a compromise somewhere here?


Vote kick:

1) I keep quest progress and experience, am refunded mats, and my build tears down

2) people falling under multiple vote kicks in a short time are placed under review for potential further action

3) some way of detecting when a votekick is unusual (player has clear match contribution?) and marking accounts that are obviously abusing vote kick and then revoking their access to it?

I dunno guys. I want to have a way to remove toxic players, but it needs to have as minimal impact as possible against legit people being griefed or falsely identified.

I suppose I shouldn’t let my bias get in the way of a trial to see how it goes. But if a vote kick goes in, it definitely needs more thought than just booting a player out IMO.

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