Can we all agree Energy Cells and Energy Cell Weapons need changes/ a rework?

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The most expensive to craft ammo is also the one that gets chewed through the fastest. This used to be a fair tradeoff- Energy Cell weapons used to guarantee and element, making the tradeoff not so bad. But now, because of the RePerk system, every normal gun can have any element you want. This inadvertently made Energy Cell weapons worse just because of their constant and expensive ammo consumption, and made it repellant to most players.

Now, I’m not saying they need to be removed, clearly Energy Cells make sense as ammo.. But if it doesn’t get changes in not only it’s ammo consumption, but also it’s crafting requirements, it might just be an easier route to vault it all together. It’s too impractical, and certain guns are made useless because of either or both of these factors. Vacuum Tube sniper is a great example. Very cool Sniper/AR hybrid, but every 2 clips costs 1 Bacon. That’s ridiculous.

First things first, the Bacon has to go, and maybe have a little less ammo come out of it as a tradeoff. The Blast-powder could stay because that’s not nearly as difficult to get as Bacon, and the same goes for Batteries. Maybe because of the other mats not getting changed, a Material can be thrown into it like the other ammo’s crafting recipe have.

Here is my final suggestion:

Ammo: Energy Cell (x50) -5x Nuts N’ Bolts -1x Battery -1x Blast Powder -3x Metal

Notice how little is changed, but how much more appealing it seems. Now, let’s tackle the tough thing.

Because of it’s variety of weapon types, Ammo consumption is very tricky. Because AR’s use more Ammo then something like a Shotgun, what the STW dev team have done is made pretty much every ammo cost be as great as an AR’s. TIOD is a great example: A Pistol that uses 7 Ammo a shot. The attempt at balancing it out makes sense because of the shared ammo pool, but it needs to be better.

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Here is how I’d fix it:

Power Cell Max Capacity from 3000 to 5000.

Highest per-shot ammo consumption changed to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4, and single shot Energy Cell weapon ammo is changed accordingly (TIOD from 7 to 4 for example)


Fire rate of AR’s reduced by 1-2 and damage increased by 15% to compensate

Capacity increases as perks on heroes or the gun itself now round down for all Energy Cell weapons that use more than 1 bullet per shot

The capacity is to just help support the still prevalent ammo usage, and make it less of a concern. Single shot Energy Cell weapons are sort of broken overall rn, and are stupidly expensive. The FR change is to help guns like the Helium LMG or as mentioned before, the Vacuum Tube rifle be a little better with sustained fire, and the 15% damage increase is to compensate. As a shameless former BS main, I can tell you that it is so dumb that it rounds up, so this last change is a no brainer which also pairs well with the second change.

There is also another easy option of making Energy Cell Ammo infinite like Rockets, but making it’s durability less. Maybe like a middle ground between normal weapons and Explosive weapons durability wise.

Here are my changes for this route:

Crafting of guns: Same price as explosives that uses Crystals instead of Ores, and 5x batteries included to the recipe

Durability of all weapons reduced by 70% (90 by the time it hits SS)

Damage increased across the board by 25%

The crafting changes for this route is to make it slightly more expensive than explosive to make up for the slightly higher durability of them, and adds more variety with the ShadowShard for it, and the Damage increase is to make the time with the weapon more impactful, as it will break much faster than a regular weapon.

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Of course, I wouldn’t want this route personally, but it is a definite option.

This is a discussion, so please discuss this further in the comment. As it stands, I think Energy Cells needing changes is a pretty popular opinion, but any opposing sides are welcomed, as they may shine light on some oversight.

TL;DR- Energy Cells are too expensive to craft and the Ammo usage of it is too high, and with RePerk making it’s tradeoff nearly useless, changes are needed.

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