Can We Get Rid of Bullet Sponges and Still Have Challenging Content?

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Can We Get Rid of Bullet Sponges and Still Have Challenging Content?

Save the World suffers from the problem that many others games do when trying to provide a challenge: bullet sponge enemies. I don't know about you but having to empty multiple clips into a single enemy or in the case of Save the World having to rely on cheesy 5x impact Floor Launchers to efficiently handle them is not fun. It's one of the reasons I lost my enthusiasm for BL3 as well. Every boss is a bullet sponge and one took 20+ minutes to finish off with no real challenge at all.

Save the World was pretty challenging when I started playing but the devs were forced to reduce the number of husks that could spawn due to performance issues. This made the game so much easier from Stonewood to Twine. Instead in an effort to add challenge we get bullet sponge enemies in modes like Endurance and previously in Frostnite and Challenge the Horde that make most weapons useless and push the majority of players to rely heavily on 5x impact Floor Launchers.

What if, instead of rapidly scaling husk PL we were challenged by different types of husks? Following are the different types of husk I came up with to replace the bullet sponges we have today. If you have any others please add them in the comments.

  1. Biohazard Husks: these husks have a gas mask and a biohazard suit making them invulnerable to gas traps.
  2. Creep Husks: Husky husk that when eliminated spawn two normal husks that when eliminated spawn four husklings.
  3. Blazing Husks: fire husks that only take damage from water weapons.
  4. Frosty Husks: water husks that only take damage from nature weapons and traps.
  5. Shocking Husks: nature husks that only take damage from fire weapons and traps.
  6. Magnetic Husks: husks that pull players in a one tile radius towards them and are surrounded by a magnetic field that damages players.
  7. Anti-magnetic Husks: husks that push players in a one tile radius away from them and reduce bullet damage by 50%.
  8. Huskstructors: Husky husk with hard hats that protect them from headshot damage and rather than attacking players and player-built structures build ramps for other husks to bypass trap tunnels and to reach terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible.
  9. Huskarai: Husks that have an edged melee weapon, take no fall damage and can double jump over one tile high structures or terrain and target players not player-built structures.
  10. Husklander: Husks that can lunge forward one tile with a melee attack and target players not player-built structures.
  11. Huskinator: Upgraded version of Cowboys that have shotguns instead of pistols dealing more damage to players but with a slower firing rate and no aimbot accuracy.
  12. Ice Witch: Lobbers that throw ice projectiles that freeze players feet and freeze a one tile radius that will freeze players feet that step on the tile. The ice projectiles can also freeze husk feet increasing their movement speed in the direction they are moving but not allowing them to change direction until the effect wears off.
  13. Lava Lobber: Lobbers that throw lava projectiles that cause fire affliction to players and do damage over time to wooden structures.
  14. Evil Priestess: Lobbers that throw healing projectiles that heal husks in the affected area over time.
  15. Disco Queens: Lobbers that throw boogie bombs that make players dance.
  16. Bulletproof Husks: Husky Husk that only take damage from melee weapons and traps. Bullets shot at them will ricochet back and damage the player that shot them.
  17. Headcase Husks: Husky Husk that only take headshot damage.
  18. Huskaineers: Husks and Husklings that climb on each other to get over player-built structures.
  19. Houdini Husks: Husky husk that can phase through player-built structures if they do not die and cannot escape after 15 seconds.
  20. Buff Husks: Husky Husks that are invulnerable to Floor and Wall Launchers but move slower because of their small legs and huge upper body.

That's the list I came up with. I think having more variety in enemy type can be challenging rather than just having enemies with crazy amounts of HP that nullify most of the tools we have to use against them. If you have any others or have suggestions for modifications to those listed above let me know in the comments!

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