Can We Just Stop and Say How Cool Canny Valley Is?

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I suppose I should have included some "God Shots" of the new Canny Valley biome, but I'm pretty sure everybody is playing it?

Instead, I'd rather this be a big Thank You / Kudos / Thumbs up to the Art Department and Environmental Artists who did what I consider a superb job on the new biome!

It's not as easy as one might think to use very stylized art assets to create something "believable", but Epic nailed it, IMO.

Canny Valley gives the feeling of being in the Mojave desert, or the Arizona badlands. It's wide open, but not too open. It's arid and desolate, but with enough civilization to keep it from getting boring game play-wise, or visually speaking.

Some of the randomly generated set pieces are down right stunning when you see them for the first time.


For instance, when you come to the top of a huge canyon below littered with mining camps you can actually descend to and explore. Another one comes to mind that's basically a mini Rio Grande (river) winding it's way through high canyon walls with a small settlement on an island in the center.

It's gets even better at night with the soft glow of lights (torches, flash lights) that give it another worldly feel… Just like deserts in real life.

As someone who appreciates the blending of art and science, Canny Valley continues Epic's long history of creating unique environments that will be talked about from years to come.

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