Can we please stop excusing Epic for basically ignoring StW?

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Initially I really loved StW, it seemed like a fun game, nice refreshing graphics and design, decent replayability and a progress system that could keep you going for a while.

Epic communicated with their players, they gave us some new features we wanted here and there, new characters, bug fixes, support (slow at times albeit).

And almost everything has gone downhill from there. There's constant issues cropping up, first it was the plague of AFKers, sellers, throwers who would try ruin the game. Months went by and Epic did nothing until they finally went through the effort of…adding a report button.

Then came the bugs, the no-rewards after ending the game, the frequent disconnects, the crashing games, and still it continues to this day after weeks and yet still we get no communication but "Hey that's a cool skin concept we'll work on instead of bugs and then funnel it into BR too." And of course "We're working on it", "It's in the plans", "It'll be considered", "It's coming soon".

Now they blatantly just don't seem to care anymore. Rants and issues get no responses from the Epic staff, the changes we request get ignored and the changes we actually do not want get added in and Epic tells us to deal with it?


Epic is no longer the cool dev team they once seemed to be. They don't care about StW anymore and as much as people can say "But they tell us they do!" it's irrelevant if their words never lead to action. I can say whatever I want but if I don't deliver, does it matter? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they're just trying to kill of StW so it can be the next Paragon and they can go back to only giving a damn about their new cash machi- I mean BR.

Side note: If you're defending Epic saying "It's a complicated game" or "BR has a separate team" that's not relevant here. The devs should either fix their damn game or not be selling bundles in the hundreds of dollars. Yes, it's Early Access but that's not an excuse to just not give a shit about your fan base.

Tldr: Epic used to be the cool guys everyone liked, but every day longer it looks like StW is Paragon 2.0 and the devs just don't care about StW anymore.

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