Can we please talk (some more) about the Difficulty vs. rewards?

index - Can we please talk (some more) about the Difficulty vs. rewards?

Seriously Epic. You can simply not hold yourself to make bad changes with the good ones, can you?

On paper, I LOVE the idea of dynamicly changing difficulty to increase rewards. I would love to have this to not only increase tickets and gold, but to increase the other amount of rewards, like schematic/hero/survivor.

But… sorry Epic, you find a way to make it the worst experience it ever could be.

It clearly is not a fix all, do all solution to earn tickets. And have a few issues with it.

First of – the increase difficulty vs. rewards is just not there. It really blows how little you get.

For ex.

The Giant firework, while cool, is super easy to destroy for the husks, and not enough rewards for investing the build-time, resources and traps into it. At the very LEAST, the Giant firework should drop a SHIT TON of envelopes. Like 15-20 of them. Not 5 or so…

We protected and fired this big ass firework, and it is only goin to drop roughly 5 envelopes when a regular drops 2-3? FU*K OFF! XD

Increasing envelopes would:

  1. That would look and feel fu*king rewarding with a rain of golden envelopes.

  2. It would still only be half of the reward for the repeatable quest.

  3. Encurage people to actually take part of the event activities.

The second issue to address is the inconsistency at the rate you earn tickets.

In previous events, we did storm missions, or halloween mission etc.

We went INTO a mission, with full information and expectation of what we would need to do.

Now, we need to go into a mission – that very well can be, and usually will be with people we can only communicate with TEXT that a lot of people don't even TRY to be communicating with…

And we are expected to gauge ourselves how well we can perform when we do not even know what the waves will be?

Mass 'Sploders?

Taker/Lazer dude combo?

Smash barrage?


And not to mention – the "we can do more don't be a pussy!" and a random dude 20 levels bellow the mission blast the upgrade pylon to full…


You killed all enjoyment or incentive to do Survivor, Encampment, Radar missions…


There is a lot more things to point out – but these two will probably suffice.

This is, by far, the least rewarding event to play in terms of trying to get event llamas.

I know we are now unbound to get "unlimited" amounts of tickets in a day… But the rate at which you earn tickets with that change is WAY TO LOW!!

Even if you can earn more than 10 daily storm mission tickets – not even the hardcore players are playing (or enjoying) trying to play that much to get an equivalent amount as we used to.

  • A suggested fix to this, would be to re-instate the storm mission rewards in COMBINATION with Dynamic Difficulty as it is.

5 daily storm missions available to do per day for to ensure you can have a set goal of tickets you can earn hassle free just playing regular missions.

And that you can combine these 5 missions with upgraded difficulty to earn a bit more, and keep earning tickets with upgraded difficulty after your 5 dailies are done.

I think this change would strike a nice balance between the hardcore and the casuals and gives.

*Side not: This is part of the reason Encampment felt so nice with how it was when it was "bugged". That we could increase the difficulty to make sure we earned atleast some tickets by just playing the game. I am not saying that the encampments should stay bugged – it was good that they fixed that, but it serves as a good measurment of what people felt was a good value/time proposition.

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