Can we revert Support Specialist Hawk back to the Pre-Nerf?

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - Can we revert Support Specialist Hawk back to the Pre-Nerf?

For those of you that didn't know… Support Specialist Hawk use to be hella fun to play with!

During his 10 second War Cry, all players would not lose ANY durability at all.

Due to 4 players running all the same hero and cycling their War Cries…and basically spamming RPGs he was nerfed to oblivion and is no longer a viable hero…especially with the new constructor in play.

The Hero Build I use to run with him was:

Support Spec / Support Spec (For faster reloads while in War Cry to pump out RPG shots faster) / Stonefoot Crash (Increased Def while in War Cry)

Now this may sound like it makes sense that it was nerfed… but War Cry only last about 10 Seconds…and has a 1 to 1.5 minute cooldown on it.

Even IF all 4 players had the exact same build the up time would really not be viable considering only being able to run 40 seconds of War Cry and be "dead" for the remaining 20-50 seconds or so.


That still sounds OP right? Think if you had 4 of any other Hero build…Like Enforcer Grizzly…with a proper build, they can have a TEDDY up for 30 seconds and (with a charge) have a 12 second cool down (30 seconds without the charge)

Now multiple that by 4 and include drones…cause why not. And you have nonstop TEDDY / Drone coverage…soo much that you could have 2 TEDDYs+ at a time!

TL;DR In comparison to MANY other Heroes… Support Spec Hawk was NOT OP and did not need Nerfing. His build/design was meant for exactly that. More-so than ever with Demolitionist.

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