Can we stop giving reskins to heroes who already have a lot?

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I want to express a HUGE beef I have with this game and its decisions when it comes to reskins. Recently we saw that, yet again, Jonsey and Ramirez are getting reskins. And this REALLY bothers me. They REALLY don't need any more reskins! Honestly, they don't. Many heroes are STILL sitting on 0 reskins.

To demonstrate what I mean, here's charts of the heroes and their reskins, excluding mythic heroes:


Hero # of Reskins
Hawk 1
Headhunter 3
Jonsey 11
Ramirez 6
Renegade 2
Rio 1
Spitfire 1
Wildcat 1

Jonsey has 11 goddamn reskins. ELEVEN. This year's reskin will bring that number up to TWELVE. Jonsey REALLY doesn't need any more reskins! Why couldn't Havoc, or Spitfire, or even Vaughn get a Halloween zombie reskin? Ramirez doesn't have as much, but she still has a LOT more than, say, Banshee or Evelynn.


Hero # of Reskins
Bull 1
Harper 1
Hazard 2
Hawk 1
Hype 1
Izza 1
Knox 1
Kyle 4
Penny 7


Hero # of Reskins
AC 7
Buzz 1
Deadeye 1
Eagle Eye 1
Grizzly 1
Jess 7
Southie 2


Hero # of Reskins
Crash 1
Edge 1
Ken 5
Luna 1
Mari 2
Sarah 5
Scorch 1

I'm really hoping tomorrow's Fortnitemares will have event heroes that are new. I'll be salty as heck if we get yet ANOTHER goddamn Jess, AC, Penny, Kyle, Sarah, or Ken.

Give the other heroes a turn!


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