Can we stop with the BR wars before this game goes f2p?

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Can we stop with the BR wars before this game goes f2p?

This is not a rant about Epic, this is a rant about this sub relation with anything BR related.

From a person like me who likes both modes it's ridiculous to see how much BR is considered the cause of all the problems STW has. I have red things such ''go back to BR'' to people honestly asking how to play; ''i am an OG and i don't touch BR'' like it is a badge of honor; ''BR gets all this, we get nothing'' even after major updates. I keep reading and getting answers like this even when i am being just honest about anything, because i think about Fortnite and its modes as a single game.

1-Yes, a lot of leechers come from BR, they should be banned, but not every BR player is a leecher. You know why they are being lowkey abut this? Probably because leechers is one of the reasons STW is producing sales numbers they can show to the big heads. Don't get me wrong, this is an awful strategy, but it's not BR fault, it's their own.

2-The reason this game is still being developed, even after the poor launch is probably due to BR money. Not the reason i posted above, actual BR money. You know all those biomes and heroes you see in both modes? That's probably a common ''artistic'' department the two modes have and which is ofc mainly funded with BR money.

3-STW is the original Fortnite, which disappeared from Twitch within two weeks. You know that most of the people you talk to don't even now this? BR is what is currently promoting STW, this is marketing, not an opinion, not a personal vodoo, marketing.


Sure BR is the big brother in the way because it gets all the spotlights, but it earned them, it's not like STW was the best thing to touch the earth until this evil brother came and took all the credit. BR wouldn't exist if STW was not developed and STW would probably be not around if BR didn't blow up, it's a mutual relationship that everybody should be glad about.

I bought STW for the right reasons, not because i wanted free vbucks, i don't need another 10 skins i will not use in the BR. I bought it because i wanted to play the game, but up until few moths ago i simply didn't have anybody to play with, so i waited a long time. It's frustrating, infuriating and extremely unpleasant to see how much hate BR gets, and trust me, for no good reason.

There is going to be a lot of new players when f2p launches, BR players; if you keep riding your golden horse of prejudice, the subtle envy sneaking in this sub is going to ruin the experience for a lot of them, and this is going to be counter productive to STW itself.

You like STW better than BR (probably i do too), you are not special and this should not be a close circle, anybody with the right mindset should be welcome.

TLDR: stop hating everything that has BR mentioned in the lines, it's silly and toxic to witness and BR is not the cause of all the bad this game endured.

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