Can we talk about this community please

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Guys and Girls,

Over the last few weeks/months I’ve seen our community degrade into something really rather horrible.

A lot of the comments on a lot of the bug posts or Epic Comments are people attacking Epic, attacking Epic members of Staff or generally shitposting about Battle Royale.

It’s not nice for them, it’s not nice for us.

This community shouldn’t be a cesspool of “OMG FIX EPIX PLZ” or “BR GETS ALL THE LOVE”.

We all know what we signed up for.

Open. Beta.

We are testers.

Yes, we have paid for the game. But we have paid to be testers. We have not paid £59,99 for a AAA fully finished game.

We really can’t keep being this downright toxic to Epic or Epic employees in this sub.. why the hell should they say anything here when they know they’ll get flamed for it.


All I’m asking for, is a little niceness for us all and from us all.

The next time Epic post, let’s not spam them with the same issues that have been said 3749404920 times before. Let’s not harass or flame them for simple communication.

People seem to think they owe us something.

What other game have you paid for, then flamed the devs for?

Epic have great plans for this game, and it’s a labour of love from many many people.

If we’re being ungrateful, rude, shits to them.. why the hell are they going to continue?!


Play nice.


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