Canny Valley Part 3 Guide (Spoiler Free)

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Canny Valley Part 3 Guide (Spoiler Free)


Part 3 of Canny Valley was a lot better quest wise. The majority of Part 2 you just did one biome, Ghost Town. It's refreshing to do others this time. RNG was less gruesome this time as most missions were done in 2-3 attempts. I've included a Google Doc with pictures to help with the quest just like I did for Part 2. Here's some key points to note:

  • Missions where you have to find locations will not show as an exclamation point. ( This symbol !)
    • Luckily this time there is only one mission that involves finding locations. The areas you'll be looking for will be noted in the quest description.
  • Canny Part 3 Quest will not give you the usual lighting up indicator stating you're in an eligible mission zone.
  • You'll get V-Bucks for doing Canny Valley Defense 6 twice. (One for main quest and one for side quest.)
  • Doing "Destroy the Encampments" missions is the quickest way to complete the quest line.
  • Pages 14-19 are all PL 70+ missions.
  • You will need to be at least PL 58 to finish the quest line.
  • Signal Strength has no map indicator.

Helpful Links (No Spoilers)

Google Doc version of this table (With Pictures)

Quest Reward List

Canny Valley Part 2 Guide (Pages 8-13)

Page 14 (Pictures)

Quest (PL 70+ Zone) Biome Task Summary
Remote Control Special Zone Start off looking for the area you need to find. The actual mission doesn't start till you find all 3. Don't worry about defending the launcher as it auto launches.
When There's a Will… Ghost Town Collect 50 clockworks breaking clocks. I got 27 on my first attempt and 9 on my second. I expect this will take 2 missions at least, but its RNG if they'll appear. Some will drop 3 at once.
A Thousand Words Ghost Town Collect 7 books. These are found on benches in buildings and outside as well. I got 4 at most in one mission so it will likely take 2 missions.
X Marks the Spot Ghost Town Collect 50 maps by destroying covered wagons. Some will be broken. I got all 50 maps in one mission. Destroying a wagon will ether give you 1,2 or even 3 maps at a time.

Page 15 (Pictures)

Quest (PL 70+ Zone) Biome Task Summary
Smashasaurus Ghost Town Smash 5 dinosaurs. These can be ether small toys found in buildings or the larger ones found outside. One of the larger ones always spawns on the edge. I've only found 3 in a match so far, but its been reported some have managed to find all 5 in one mission. Should take you 3 missions at most though.
Fridge Logic Any Defeat 15 Riot Shield Husk. These are the ones with fridge doors.
Power to the People Any Examine 7 Power Transformers in any zone. I did it in Ghost Town and got 4 per mission. I tested city and ghost town. Both had 4 for me.
Have You Tried Turning It On and Off Again? Special Zone Without spoiling too much, I suggest tearing down the area you're going to be in to avoid searching and a harder defense.
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Page 16 (Pictures)

Quest (PL 70+ Zone) Biome Task Summary
Bandwidth Issues Any (Forrest doesn't work.) Smash server boxes to collect 30 Circuit Boards. Some of the server boxes are small and some are large. I managed to get 20 in one mission and then all I could find was 9 the next. This mission is heavily RNG dependent as it took someone 7 missions. I managed to find a server room is why I got 20.
Reverse Tinfoil Hats Ghost Town Give 7 scarecrows hats! This can be done in 1 mission. I even had 2 left over when I got to 7.
Comfort Food Ghost Town Smash RV's to collect 15 candy piles. I got between 1-3 per RV in Ghost Town. This will likely take you 2 missions at most.

Page 17 (Pictures)

Quest (PL 70+ Zone) Biome Task Summary
Signal Strength Thunder Route 99 or Ghost Town. (I don't recommend Ghost Town.) All you have to do is walk into the area for it to count. Regardless the zone, it should take you 2-3 missions. Here is what you're looking for in each zone. Route 99: Motels, Diners, Deep Mines, Gas Stations, Junk Yards or Bunkers. (Yes, Bunkers isn't listed but it counts.) Ghost Town: Forts, and Spas. (Yes, Spas isn't listed, but counts.) No Map Indicator.
Cannon Fodder Ghost Town Collect 7 cannons. Cannons are found mainly in Forts with a few spawning in towns and around the map. Can be completed in 2 missions as I found 4 in one.
While You're Up… Any Arid Zone (Pretty much any unique Canny Valley biome as Arid is referring to dry locations.) Collect 20 support beams. These are found by breaking certain trees exclusive to Arid biomes. Only 1 drops at a time. However, sometimes none will drop. Can be completed in 1 mission.
A Bonding Experience Thunder Route 99 Collect 7 motorcycles. Often found parked outside of buildings. I managed to find 2-3 per map. I'm assuming it will take several missions as its RNG dependent on the amount. Shouldn't take more then 3 missions though as I always got at least 2 per mission.
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Page 18 (Pictures)

Quest (PL 70+ Zone) Biome Task Summary
Excalibur 2.0 Thunder Route 99 Destroy car vacuums for 30 vacuum parts. Typically found most often outside of Gas Stations, with some outside of places like Motels. 1-5 can drop from a single vacuum station or none. It's RNG dependent so it may take several missions.
Three Strikes Any Defeat 3 Mini-Bosses. You're looking for the following indicators that it's a mini-boss mission. You are REQUIRED to collect the Grisly Trophy for it to count.
20,000 Leagues Ghost Town Search for 7 SEA-Bots in the rivers/streams of Ghost Town.
Battle Royal Special Zone Without spoiling, I suggest using a melee or TEDDY focused hero. Carry an Obliterator is a good idea too. If anyone dies, the mission fails.

Page 19 (Pictures)

Quest (PL 70+ Zone) Biome Task Summary
How I Wonder What You Are Any (Ghost Town would be the easiest. Place 6 telescopes. They're found on rooftops. Will take one mission.
Canny Valley Defense 6 Canny Valley Storm Shield Complete Canny Valley Defense 6.
Time to Blast Off Canny Valley Complete the Launch The Rocket mission at the end of the Canny Valley zone.

Thanks for reading :). If you have any questions or issues with this post, feel free to message me. Hopefully I didn't mess up too bad. It took me longer to get this out as I had exams. Special thanks to u/Polrous for helping with the quest line!

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