Canny valley’s story may be finish, but the rest needs some improvement

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Canny valley's story may be finish, but the rest needs some improvement

Canny valley was a blast to play through. Although though most of the quests were bland "get X of these" quests, the story made up for it. However, the rest of Canny valley still looks somewhat unfinished compared to stonewood or even hexslyvania (the only zones in the game that also have a complete story and their own sub-biomes).

There are 4 main concerns i have with Canny valley

-the lack of world variety

-the lack of story content in certain mission (especially the storm shield defense missions)

-the lack of valleys in canny valley

-the Canny valley Storm shield

  1. The lack of world variety

compared to all the sub-biomes in Stonewood, the number of set-pieces in the arid biomes are underwhelming. I've been playing since launch and i still discover things i had never seen before in the Stonewood sub-biomes. But with the arid biomes, I had seen everything they had to offer in a few games. Ghost town is especially disappointing with most set-pieces in that biome having only 1 or 2 variations (looking at you mountain in the corner of the map). Before epic moves on to twine peaks, plankerton or even event sub-biomes, can we please see some more additions to the arid biomes so it becomes less predictable.

  1. The lack of story content in certain missions

the missions Please hold and Gravestone need to be fixed. "Please hold" still say Canny valley is new and pokes fun at how we waited a year for it and all the cool events we've experienced. Although most of us did wait a year, i'm pretty sure a newer playing coming from plankerton wouldn't have waited a year for the event or played any of the event mentioned in the opening of "Please hold". The outro to "gravestone" advertises part 2 as coming soon still. I will go more in-depth with my complaints about the storm shield later. But from Plankerton to Canny valley, it feels they just gave up with these quest and it feels really lazy. i don't know what they could add to the Storm shield quests, but i would still like something. My final complaint on this topic is just the missions between each act feel a bit disconnected, i'd like a bit more to connect to act 1 to act , act 2 to act 3. (I understand voice work is very expensive)

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  1. The lack of valley's in canny valley

I know the name "Canny valley" is a parody of the Uncanny valley effect, but seriously where are all the valley's. when i look at the arid biomes skybox/ background, i don't feel like i'm near a valley, i feel like i'm in a enormous sprawling desert. even worse there are barely any Valley set pieces apart from the one in ghost town which appears every mission that even look like valleys, The Grasslands sub-biome has a bigger valley than any valley in Canny valley. When i imagine a valley (in a video game), i see a giant a pit where falling into it could mean life or death. The Canny valley storm shield has these giant valleys (deep not wide and also underused). why can't the normal generation for arid biomes have them as well? Also could the arid biome be in a valley or atleast can there be a valley in the skybox/ background.

  1. The canny valley storm shield

Apart from the layout (i love the layout, please, we need more map layout that are made by actually people), almost everything in the Canny valley storm shield map is out-dated. The set-pieces need to be replaced with the newer onces used in the arid biomes we have now. Also can "the zapper" and "the riot husky" have introduction points in canny valley (maybe CVSSD 1 and CVSSD 3?)

There are all my complaints :D, but who am i kidding no one at epic will ever see this post

but here are a few wishes that nobody will also ever see

  1. A mist monster adding in canny valley. i'd like to see a new mist monster, preferably a roaming one
  2. A fourth sub-biome like paradise palms in battle royale or a sub-biome that is similar to ghost town (similar to how route 99 and desert are similar) maybe like a country side with trains, stations, huge farm ranches, smaller outposts and a bit more greenery, but not as much as the Stonewood biomes still. (this will most likely never happen)
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