Can’t beat them? Join them.

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I've more or less quit playing constructors.

I enjoyed smart building on defense missions. Compact objective defenses with funnels at husk approaches. I gradually scaled down my funnels and tunnels to accommodate all of the shooters and ninjas who find constructs more of a hindrance. Fine.

I'm just tired of the obstacles thrown up by pubs:

  • throwing down a network of short walls everywhere, right when you go in to throw switch on van.

  • communicating over comms and chat that I'm going to build a 1×1 box at the corner where the balloon lands on. Half needs to be built after landing. Don't worry. Got it covered. We don't need the full orange box covered. And they still come in 10 seconds before the balloon lands and run a ring of level 1 walls around orange box.

  • build a simple tier 3 L shaped box around the van, leave for 1 minute to get the nearby blueglo so i can start funneling for marked spawns. And come back to see Cupid Jonesy putting the finishing touches on level 1 wood Noah's Ark over the van.

  • people starting without asking ready.

  • guys adding walls/covering up my inverted pyramids/floor launchers on atlas missions, with me on comms practically begging them to just let it play, only to get a raspberry back or FU in team chat.

  • do i need more examples?

I quit.

I'm only playing soldiers, ninjas, and ranger now in defense missions. I'm fully in the blast-my-way-to-victory club now.

LRJ, you win buddy.

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