CCReviews Top Tips I Bet You Didn’t Know

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  • Wall launchers can hit enemies through stairs and slanted roofs

  • You can copy placed building pieces with L2 ( left trigger ) zoom in button on pc. So if you build an arch, then build a low wall, but need to build another arch, you dont need to go into edit mode. Just press L2 on the arch and it will change your saved preset from a low wall to an arch. ( it also auto switches to matching material type )

  • Mini husks can not jump while standing on spiked traps, and for a short period after getting off a spiked trap

  • You will gain power level 45% slower if you focus on a single stat over leveling them all evenly (from survivor squads and both skill and research tree). For example 4 level 5 rare survivors in each stat category gives 80 stats total. If you instead put 2 lvl 10s and 2 lvl 9s (the same cost in survivor xp) in a single stat like firearms to do more weapon damage, you will only gain 42 stats. As you level up and evolve survivors this difference in power grows larger. So your choice of how you level your survivors directly impacts how fast you will progress.

  • Higher Power Does Not = Kill Husks Faster. The only way to do more damage to husks is to increase your offense stat or get better weapons. Otherwise raising your power does nothing unless you raised your offense stat in the process.

  • Dragon slash can kill husks on same level as you and on a tile above you (a ceiling / roof / floor)

  • Outlanders Shock Tower can crit, Teddy can not

  • Outlander can block smasher charge with both teddy and shock tower

  • Destroy anomalies (?) with ninja shurikens

  • You can fail a bluglo siphon defense on purpose and get 2 free bluglo

  • If some one gives you a thumbs up at the end of a mission, theres a chance to obtain double the mission rewards. Always thumbs up active players contributing to a mission.

  • You can unsummon and resummon a defender to revive them faster

  • Placing a pyramid on a lit propane tank contains the explosion and prevents damage to surrounding area just like if i throw you on a grenade ill survive.

  • You can use slanted walls (not roofs and not stairs) as stairs husks cant walk on. Good for getting out of holes with husks following.

  • Theres hidden files in the game about a single player game mode called impact. Sounds like those comets are landing soon. My cards say its part 2 of the new questline and it comes out tomorrow, as there is previous info hinting about something happening tomorrow april 18th. The first part of the new quest line is Lars looking for a friend, and we gather maps of the stars, as his friend told him to look at them for some reason ( I dont remember why, story not interesting enough to remember). His friend an astrologist is missing and its likely to have something to do with the comets in the sky (theres now 2 in stw).

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