Change My Mind: Defend the Shelter is the worst mission type [New Player Rant]

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Change My Mind: Defend the Shelter is the worst mission type [New Player Rant]

I picked up StW during the discount last week and overall have been having fun with it, however any time the main quest requires me to do a 'Defend the Shelter' mission I get frustrated.

My first attempt at one I did not know the mechanics of it at all so I immediately ran diagnostics on it as soon as I found it and before exploring the map. I was in a panic between building defenses, finding See-bot (map was completely unexplored with a bunch of enemies still active), and activating the modules that it took 3 waves and I wiped during that 3rd one (had yet to learn about trap tunnels and how to best use them).

Second attempt I knew a little more, but wiped during the final defense portion. This was the first time I noticed there were a ton of Lobber enemies that were taking out the base and I couldn't reach them due to them being on the other side of a hill.

Third attempt was during a V-bucks mission so there were two people that gave massive team boosts and I was finally able to complete the mission.

I barely managed to beat one of them again solo for 'No Lost Causes' but to say the location of it was shitty would be an understatement. North and South sides of the shelter were fine and I could make a defense, however the West side of it was directly under a cliff that I could barely build defenses for. I lined the gap with what I could (wall spikes along the shelter, wooden floor spikes on ground, dynamo if there was only a 1-space gap, wall darts facing to shoot along the gap and the few spaces there was a 2-space gap). I had multiple holes blown through T3 metal by lobbers very quickly after starting and was barely able to keep the shelter alive after the first wave and get things repaired for the last assault.

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I guess for some newb questions besides this rant.

  1. If the terrain looks bad to defend the shelter should I just leave and get a new map?

  2. Does fully covering the Shelter increase the number of Lobber spawns? Or do they just normally spawn a ton of during 'Defend the Shelter' missions? I build a basic full box around the shelter and it nearly gets wiped out by them frequently.

tl;dr: New player hates Defend the Shelter missions for being extremely long/difficult compared to all other missions.


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