Change Perk-up so there’s only one rarity.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Change Perk-up so there's only one rarity.

There have been a lot of posts regarding Perk-up being a nuisance to farm or that the epic variant doesn't appear often enough. I want to share an idea that I saw months ago on another post around the time the recombobulator was introduced (I can't remember who originally suggested it) and I've since shared this idea on a couple of other posts. It's only ever been a comment and not an actual post though so I thought I'd share it with you all.

Anyway, let's get into it.

First off, there should be one rarity of Perk up you can earn from any zone (not sure why they thought 4 variants were a good idea).

Secondly, to avoid people from having epic/legendary perks in plankerton, lock the ability to upgrade to epic perks to Canny Valley and the Ledgendary perks to Twine Peaks using the first node in the 3rd and 4th skill tree.

The final part of this is stopping people from easily farming low level missions or saving tons of Perk up and just upgrading everything when they reach the next zone. We'll need to adjust the values for Perk up earned and cost of upgrading.


I'll give an example which can be tweaked by Epic but let's say the cost to upgrade is as follows: Uncommon (100), Rare (500), Epic (2000), Ledgendary (5000). When you first get the recombobulator you earn say 25 per PL23 mission and as you get to late plank/early Canny it climbs to ~200. Late Canny/Early twine will give ~600 and endgame will give you 1000.

You can see that it's unrealistic to try to farm for Ledgendary perks in plankerton. Also anyone at endgame could play 3-4 matches and get their guns perks to rare easily so the real grind is only for epic and Ledgendary perks at that point.

TLDR; Have only one type of Perk up so it can be farmed wherever you want, lock epic and legendary perks to the skill trees 3 and 4, scale values so it's most efficient to farm in the highest zone you can complete.

Let me know what you think and feel free to add to this if you think something's missing.

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