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An idea I had for when Clans are implemented is the Clan Homebase. These would take place on much larger Stonewood Storm Shields (varying in size and power rating depending on the power level and size of the clan).

Each member takes responsibility for a Generator or Amplifier, with the clan leader owning the Storm Shield itself.

  • Amplifiers are the same as in normal storm shield defenses, acting as additional objectives, with more unlocking as the member count increases.

  • Generators are optional additional objectives. Losing a generator does not fail the mission, but successfully keeping them standing alongside amplifiers will increase the health of all generators and amplifiers in the next Clan Defense, as well as reduce building costs by 5% for the next defense.

How would the Clan Storm Shield Defense (or just Clan Defense) work? Well, the storm shield is accessible by all clan members via the world map, and when the clan is ready, the clan leader can initiate up to a 24-hour countdown for the Clan Defense. Anyone who contribues in the window before or during the defense will add score (think end-of-mission badges) to a Clan Chest, more on that later.


The scale of the defense fluctuates depending on the average power level of the clan, as well as the member count. For example, Clan Llama Party has 12 members, with 4 at level 17, 6 at level 15, and 2 at level 10. The defense would be at power level 25, with four amplifiers (1 per 5 members after 10 members) and an optional two generators (1 per 10 members).

Given the scale of these defenses, the defense would be split into multiple lobbies, with each lobby being individually selectable and supporting up to 15 people each, and more lobbies opening up as needed.

After the defense has finished, the score is tallied up and a Clan Chest is awarded. Depending on the level of the clan and the chest, it can give rewards from experience, to evolution materials, to high-rarity schematics, and even llama tokens, giving an incentive to participate and get as high a score as possible.

After a successful defense, the clan cannot initiate a new Clan Defense for one week. However, after a failed defense, a new one can enter countdown phase after 48 hours. Additionally, only clan members can participate in the Clan Defense. No outside people or friends can join.

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