Collection Book Inconsistencies and Errors

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Collection Book Inconsistencies and Errors

I was going through the collection book and realized there are a ton of inconsistencies and even a couple spelling errors, so I figured I'd document all the ones I can find that could be misleading:

  • Expansion Schematics > VinderTech Weapons – The "Vindertech Repeater Pistol" is an SMG, not a pistol, and is misspelled in its' crystal collection book category.
  • Same place – The "Vindertech Blaster Pistols" should not be plural.
  • Expansion Schematics > Vacuum Tube Weapons – The "Lightning Pistol" is not a pistol it is an SMG. Also SMGs and Pistols don't need to be grouped together.
  • Expansion People > ShadowOps Heroes & CyberPunk Heroes – When looking at individual heroes the game indicates they "can only be obtained from" Military or Neon Llamas respectively. I know I have gotten at least some of the CyperPunk Heroes from either Core or Event llamas.
  • Event People > Blockbuster Heroes – The category naming here is abysmal. Even "Legendary Blockbuster Heroes" and "Mythic Blockbuster Heroes" would have been better, but as it stands the category names are both "Blockbuster Heroes" the same as their parent category.
  • Event People > Fortnitemares Heroes & Holiday Heroes – Also contain multiple categories with the same exact name as each other.
  • Ranged Weapons > Assault Rifles – "LMG Rifles is redundant. It should either be "Light Machine Rifles" or "LMGs"

Now let's talk about awkward grouping. Why are the following grouped together?

  • Crystal Rayguns and Crystal Doubleshot Rifles
  • Crystal Scythes take up a single category, when prior they took up two.
  • Crystal "Spears" and Laser Spears (btw, naming a subcategory the same exact thing as it's parent category is confusing)
  • In Melee Weapons > Crystal Hardware, everything is grouped completely differently from it's non-crystal counterpart.
  • Why is the Typewriter part of the core set when it can only be obtained from the event store, and can't even be researched?
  • In Ranged Weapons > Shotguns, the difference between Heavy, and Tactical shotguns is incredibly confusing, especially with the BR Tac Shotgun "Enforcer" being categorized as "Heavy", while it's description reads "Tactical"

Honestly, the entire naming system for the base set schematics, and some expansion schematics is confusing. Different rarities of weapons shouldn't have different names IMHO, and the collection book categories should be more distinguishable.

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