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So, we are all aware that the majority of the rewards in the collection book are very underwhelming. At level 157 in the collection book, I am still getting around 6k schematic XP and rare survivors. Clearly, this needs to change. Here are a few ways I believe the collection book could be improved:

Reward for Completion:

Firstly, there should be a reward system in place for when you fill up each slot of a book section, and an even bigger reward for completing that section of the book.

Let's use the Fortnitemare's event as an example. For that event, we got a reward for each section we filled in (So All Grey's gave us a rewards, all legend's gave us a pumpkin launcher, you get the rest).

I believe that if someone fills let's say, all the slots for the Deathstalker, they should get a certain amount of Schematic XP, let's say around 15,000 since there is a legendary weapon involved, along with a unique skin for that weapon. Yep, cosmetic's coming into play here, but it would make you stand out and make the weapons look less bland. If someone was to fill the entire Assault Rifle section, they would get for example:

-100k Schematic XP -Yet another unique weapon skin for all the weapons -Legendary Assault rifle transform schematic Unique Weapon Schematic that can only be acquired through completion of that section of the book (?)

Obviously this would be the same for the other types of collection book items.

Heroes would get a unique skin and hero XP and so on, just like the assault rifle tier.

Increased Basic Rewards:

Pretty straight forward. The collection book rewards themselves need improving. As stated at the start of the post, 6k XP is still being handed out past the hundred mark, which is very useless to say the least.

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Here's what I propose:


-After level 75, Rare's should become obsolete, and should never be seen in the collection book.

-After level 125, Epic's will start to fade away. By around or just under level 140, Epic's (except maybe Heroes because of Flux). should now be obsolete.

-The rewards after 140 should simply consist of XP, Legendary Transformations, Unique Skins, V Bucks, Skill Points (if still needed), and other Unique Schematics.

Increasing The Rewards:

This one might be a far fetched but worth a shot:

So the rewards for the collection book should scale with what level you are currently on:

If you are level 10/20/30/40 etc, the rewards should be

1000 Schematic XP 2000 Schematic XP 3000 Schematic XP 4000 Schematic XP

Do you see how they scale with each milestone? Obviously you won't be getting just XP as you level up, but these would be the Schematic XP rewards you get everytime they come up during that milestone.

Once you reach level 100, the XP rewards will rise to 100k, and so on.

V Bucks rewards would also scale and should be scaled similar to the milestone for Schematic XP. V Buck rewards should also be seen every milestone (in between every 10 levels, so level 0-10, 11-20 etc)

So are level 50/60/70/80

500 V Bucks 600 V Bucks 700 V Bucks 800 V Bucks

Any feedback for these current ideas would be appreciated and feel free to add whatever feedback you want. I myself would love these updated rewards to be added to the game as it gives us an incentive to carry on putting stuff into the collection book and upgrading them. There was more I wanted to add but I will do that eventually.

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